Do you want to become a part of an international team of young professionals that share common values and are ready to develop in the technology world? Then YouDigital has an offer that you have been looking for!

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

YouDigital truly believes that a company’s success starts with people, that is why we pay a lot of effort and attention to building a valuable team where each and every member will contribute to future growth. We apply a proactive and transparent approach internally with our colleagues as well as globally with our partners.

Why join YouDigital?

Work-life Balance

100% Remote

International Exposure

Career Growth

Diverse Projects

Like Minded-People

Why do Developers ❤️ YouDigital?

Lifelong Job Matching

We focus on long term and full time projects. We want to have lasting relationships with clients as well as our developers. When your project nears completion we are already preparing your next engagement for you, with our steady stream of work from our international clients.

100% Remote

You can work from anywhere in the world. We are a team of happy people that want to have a good work-life balance, with the  flexibility to work in the environment where we are the most productive.

Training & Upskilling

YouDigital is committed to help you perform your job more effectively and efficiently . We have a strong learning culture and are intentional about helping our team members enhance their expertise. It is proven as well that investing in your own professional development can also increase your confidence and job satisfaction.

Who can become a YouDigital developer?

We rigorously conduct interviews to assure our people are:


We hire people with 3+ years of experience in an engineering field. It’s important to have strong technical foundations and also problem solving mindset.

In addition to technical knowledge, we also value strong business understanding in our candidates. This means that we look for developers who can think beyond just the code and understand the broader context in which they are working. They should be able to understand how their work fits into the larger goals of the organization and be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders, such as project managers, product owners, and executives.

Quality Mindset

We look for candidates who prioritize producing high-quality work. Quality is a fundamental aspect of software development, and it's essential to have developers who take it seriously.

A developer with a quality mindset will take the time to understand the requirements of the project, and will work to ensure that their code not only meets those requirements but also addresses any potential issues that may arise in the future. They should have an eye for detail and be able to identify potential problems in their code before they become major issues.

Fluent in English and Proactive

Being fluent in English is important because it is the language of business and communication in many industries, including software development. It is essential that our developers are able to communicate effectively with clients, stakeholders, and other members of the team.

A proactive developer takes responsibility for their work and is committed to meeting project deadlines and goals. They should be able to work independently when required, but also be willing to ask for help and collaborate with other team members when necessary.

How to become a YouDigital developer?

To join our thriving community of developers in YouDigital:


Apply for a specific open position

Send your CV online


Initial screening

Our recruiter conducts initial interview to learn more about you


HR & Tech Interview

Interview to check your soft skills and tech expertise


Job offer

You are now part of YouDigital

Open positions

Salesforce Developer

We are looking for a Salesforce Developer with 2+ years of experience for designing innovative cloud solutions and developing the Salesforce platform for companies from different industries. In this role, you would be programming using Apex, LWC, and some low-code solutions. Integrating Salesforce with other systems, such as ERP, CMS, billing, etc. Creating and maintaining documentation of delivered solutions as well as working directly with our international clients.

What do we offer:
Salesforce Consultant

you:digital is looking for a Salesforce Consultant to join our international team. In this role, you will be actively involved in communication with the customers as well as a team of Developers. You will be the person that we expect to communicate and define all the client requirements into design. If necessary you will participate in the sales cycle and interact with the Business Development Team, to increase over performance.

What do we offer:
Business Analyst

In your role as a Business Analyst, you will be involved in data collection and analysis, both qualitative and quantitative research. Your main responsibility would be to evaluate the current needs of the business as well as determine potential ways of development, future KPIs, and targets. You also will be closely communicating with the Business Development Team to provide an analysis of the sales operations of the company.

What do we offer:
Business Development Trainee

Your main responsibilities as a Business Development Trainee would be the support of Business Development operations by analysis, extraction, and upload of data within the CRM system. You also will provide BD department sales support when required. If you are good at conducting qualitative and quantitative research, have excellent analytical skills, and are motivated for potential career growth, this position is something you are looking for!

What do we offer:
Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for the brand positioning and creation of unique marketing materials for the company. You will be actively involved in Social Media Management, B2B Marketing and will be able to develop channels that you:digital currently uses, as well as suggest new approaches. If you know how to create and maintain a Marketing Plan and develop marketing strategies accordingly with the company’s KPIs, you are someone we are looking for!

What do we offer:
Head of Delivery

As a Head of Delivery, you will be setting strategic directions, allocating tasks within the teams to ensure the delivery of the high-quality, on-time final result. In this position, you will review the accomplished work of the team and ensure that the execution is correct and fully completed before the customer review. You will conduct qualitative research to evaluate the after-purchase feedback from the customers.

What do we offer:
Project Manager

Your main responsibilities as a Project Manager will include monitoring the progress and allocation of the responsibilities within the particular project. You will be closely communicating with team members and leading the team in working through project changes. You will need to ensure high-quality and on-time delivery of tasks that will lead to customer satisfaction.

What do we offer: