Project Rescue

We can help you with a quick staffing of your unfinished software project if lack of skill-set is the remedy.

Alternatively you can request a free of charge rescue consultation to see where we see potential risks to your project.
Don’t panic if your project is not progressing the way it should. Rescue missions are our speciality. A combination of skilled resources, tools and bullet-proof processes enables us to quickly jump on a project and deliver first results just after a few days. The final effort and duration of our assignment will depend on the problem complexity but it can take from just a week to a few months.

The reasons for your troubles can be business or technology related. On the business side the most common issues are misunderstanding of requirements, underestimation of expected efforts or bad communication. On the other hand companies might lack simply skilled technical resources to implement business stakeholders expectations. We are able to help you with both.

Recovering a failing software project might require a need to re-staff it, or even re-assemble the original team.

3-step project rescue plan

  • Assessment - this is a free of charge and a non-binding part of our process. We usually run an online session with you where first we ask you to give us a more detailed overview of the situation. Then we would conduct a structured interview with you focusing on 5 key areas like messy or lost code, poor scalability, lack of interoperability or inadequate security. We will mark those with green (no action needed), yellow (potential risks) and red (remedy required).

  • Plan - on the basis of the assessment we will provide you a more detailed action plan on how to rescue your project. We will list exact actions to be taken as well as include estimation of the effort, expected timelines and prioritization of actions. At this stage we will also define together the definition of the success criteria. If you accept the plan we will move onto execution.

  • Execution - our consultants and engineers will execute the plan that both parties agreed on. Each action we take, each piece of code we write or re-factor, each recommendation we make, will be exactly documented by a dedicated person assigned to the rescue team. Anyone working on your developments in the future will be able to quickly understand what we did.

Relevant case study

Online retailer improved its inefficient system for contact and complaint management with customers and suppliers.

you:digital re-engineered the processes as well as re-factored old code and solution architecture.

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