Sample Estimates

Task name Task description Technical description Time estimation [h]
Avalara AvaTax Calculation
Configure Avatax for custom Salesforce object called "Renewal". Use Shipping Address from related Account to take into consideration any tax exemptions.
Create Visualforce page that connects with Avatax service, create XML mapping for data. Create test data and test for different states. Write test classes.
LWC related list
Extend standard functionality of related lists in Salesforce with custom Lightning component. Have ability to dynamically provide a list of columns to be displayed along with sorting capabilities for each column and option to change some of field values directly in the component.
Create LWC component with Apex controller. Introduce design file for LWC so user can specify list of fields himself when placing component in a Lightning page. Implement test class for Apex controller.
Google Translate API integration
Use Google Translate API to identify language of the incoming emails so field Language on the newly created Cases associated with these emails is populated
Create Apex class that authenticates and integrates with Google Cloud. Provide trigger and trigger handler that upon case creation sends request to Google and in the end updates field Language on Case. Implement test classes for trigger + HttpCalloutMock for integration.
Invoice PDF
Create custom PDF template for invoices. It should include company's logo and have information pulled from custom invoice and invoice lines object. Client information shall be pulled from associated Account record.
Create Visualforce page with design, be sure to address edge cases like excess of lines and then subsequent page breaks. Map fields from object to page design. Create Apex controller for pulling data + test class.
Custom Pardot Email Template
Create custom email template for Pardot inviting for new webinar.
New email template in Pardot that matches with look and feel with design. Prepare and test so it renders for different email clients.
Client Segmentation Batch
Update status of each client (Bronze/Silver/Gold/VIP) based of number of opportunities created in the last 2 years and sum of opportunities closed in the last 5 years.
Create batch that is scheduled to be run daily and fetch Account data along with corresponding Opportunity data and calculate Account status based on that. Prepare test class.
Custom Round Robin
Apply round robin logic to leads that have lead source = Webform, take into consideration users' absences
Custom fields on User object indicating absence/holidays. Lead trigger that implements round robin logic, setting up business logic in Lead Assignment so it works with Apex class. Test class.
ClickMeeting Integration
Create functionality to fetch information about attendees from ClickMeeting. Update statuses accordingly on Campaign Member records in Salesforce.
Create Apex class that connects, fetches data from ClickMeeting and matches Campaign Member records based on email. Implement component that acts as button and can be placed on record page. On top of that have batch that runs daily and fetches data from ClickMeeting. Create test class.
PDF label For Logistics Ship Freights
We want a button that when we click generates the PDF label taking the information of the Shipment object fields.
Create Visualforce page that pulls information from Shipment object using Apex controller. Display shipper, dimensions and consignees information. Prepare test class.
Schedule Clean/Delete Personal Data from Salesforce leads
We want to Schedule a clean/delete data of specific fields in leads Object that contains personal data every 2 months.
Apex batch that runs daily and takes into consideration leads with statuses "Disqualified" or "Lost", clears First Name, Last Name, Address information and Phone information. Update 'GDPR cleaned' checkbox on leads to be checked. Prepare test class.

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Sample Estimates

Sample Estimates

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