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Best Practices to Improve Customer Service | YouDigital Blog

A satisfied customer will bring more customers, but an unsatisfied one will be even more effective at discouraging others from making a contact. That’s why customer service is a key aspect of your business and why you should always ensure adequate standards.

Here are 10 tips that will help you ensure a great customer experience.

1. Be there when the customer needs you

What matters to customers is access to information, plenty of people choose not to make a purchase due to not having sufficient information on hand.

That’s why it’s so important not only to provide detailed descriptions and access to information on the product or service but also the contact at a particular moment.

A chat feature on a website, a helpful employee at a brick-and-mortar store, quick contact over e-mail, or through a call with a consultant. Just keep in touch with the customer.

2. Act fast

Time is money. In sales, you have to act sensibly yet dynamically. A customer wants to know the offer now, not wait a week or two for it.

Answer e-mails or messages on social media as soon as possible. If you can’t respond right away in a competent manner, make sure to reach out with a ready solution as soon as you can.

Research shows that a quick reaction to customers’ inquiries has a positive impact on the perception of the quality of service.

3. Keep your promises

Things like brand image, customer service quality image, and customer loyalty are built on keeping your promises. Deliver what you promise, both when it comes to the product and the contact with the customer.

If you promise to help solve a problem, you should bring this to its conclusion. Make sure that the customer has found a solution.

Be their counselor/partner throughout the entire transaction and all issues related to the product.

4. Maintain quality service regardless of the channel

A thing that makes customers annoyed is different standards and quality of customer service depending on the channel. It doesn’t matter if they get a message at an online store chat, over e-mail, Facebook, or other social media, or as a phone call.

Your reactions should always be quick, comprehensive, and satisfying to the customer with the same standards maintained. Some customers don’t want to have to make a phone call and prefer e-mail contact, while others will only accept talking over the phone.

Let’s make sure that, regardless of the channel chosen, they get the same quality of service.

5. Be an expert in your field

In the era of supermarkets and marketplace platforms, there is no shortage of salesmen of everything and more, who only care about sales, without having any knowledge of the product.

Consumers appreciate and are willing to pay more for a product or service when they get served professionally. If you can provide them with a comprehensive answer or advice, they will be more satisfied with the service and more likely to come back to us in the future and recommend our business.

6. Follow the trends

In 2013, a similar summary was presented on the Salesforce web pages in form of infographics. It featured advice about “going mobile” or “utilizing gamification”.

Today it might seem pointless to write about such solutions, as most companies realize how important it is to develop communications through mobile devices – a website optimized for smartphones, an e-store tailored to cell phones, or a mobile app.

The gamification, on the other hand, never took off, even though elements of it are used in different ways in many areas of our lives. That’s what makes it a good idea to take a sensible approach to novelties or trends described by gurus.

They can’t be ignored, however, and it’s worth following the most promising ones. That’s why you should be up to date with trends and try to implement them in your business fast enough, but also rationally.

7. Get to know the customer beforehand

We live in an era of data, it is adequate processing and utilizing data that allows us to achieve the right advantage in business. If you are in a B2B business, you should make sure to find information about your customer before the planned meeting.

When it comes to contacting a consumer, on the other hand, who has already been our customer before, you can always look up their information in our CRM system, notes, transaction histories, and provide them with more personalized communication and predict what their needs are.

8. Utilize technology and digital tools

Adequate tools will allow for efficient and effective communication. The best recipe for better communication and customer service might be a CRM system tailored to the company’s needs.

A good CRM means easy overviews of the contact info database, ability to manage the contact base, clear history of transactions and contacts with a customer, ability to automate communication and take care of building relations.

It is important to choose the right CRM system and implement it in a way that is adequate to your company’s needs.

9. Implement automation

Good CRM systems allow for the implementation of advanced automation related to the first contact with the customer, maintaining customer relations, automation of marketing activities, or obtaining post-sales feedback.

It’s a good idea to utilize those tools to increase customer satisfaction, ensure quick contact, or obtain the necessary knowledge to improve the service or product.

10. Take care of the involvement and satisfaction of your employees

A company is made by people, people are also our customers and it is relations between people that contribute to finalizing transactions as well as customer satisfaction.

A good employee who is satisfied with their job will also be able to take care of consumer satisfaction.

You should take care of your employees, of their involvement in the company’s activity, of their adequate knowledge and skills. 

Customer service is the competitive advantage to bet on

Customer service is a challenge, but it’s also the element that allows for gaining a significant competitive advantage even when your product is more expensive and similar to another.

That’s why it is essential to constantly improve it and provide helpful interactions to your customers.

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