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E-Commerce Snapshot: Converting Mobile Shoppers | YouDigital Blog

With more customers using mobile phones than ever before, 60% of all shopping occurs digitally either through websites or mobile apps. Not only that, 72% of the shoppers that shop in physical stores are also using mobile phones to either search for the product or location. Further, customer spending is high online because of the current pandemic, as people choose to stay home more than going to the physical store.

Helpful ways to win over mobile shoppers

It’s crucial for any business to have a user-friendly and optimized mobile application. Let’s look at how brands can convert mobile shoppers using their apps or mobile versions of their eCommerce site.

Identify your customer’s habit of shopping online

According to the National Retail foundation’s report, 71 percent of the told survey respondents indicated that they use their smartphone or tablet to research the product before deciding to buy one. Therefore if the retailers’ mobile app or mobile site is more optimized and user-friendly, users are more likely to come to the app or site to make a final purchase than their competitors. 

The current conversion rate for mobile site users is only 1.2%. To improve this conversion rate, brands will need to learn what their customers are demanding and optimize their mobile applications. We all agree that, while it’s good to have a lot of mobile traffic, it’s even better to have a higher conversion rate. 

60% of the digital shopper reported that they start shopping from 1 device such as a mobile phone and finish that on another device like a tablet or computer. Following are the recommendation for retailers, In order for them to take advantage of the customers who are ready to buy, no matter the customer’s device preference (Mobile, Tablet, or Computer)

  • No matter where your customer is, you need to be present
  • Provide useful product description and reviews to be useful
  • Provide personalized shopping experience as per their demographics

Utilize in-demand features for mobile apps and site

It’s essential to make the shopping and buying experience user friendly and painless as possible by adding features that enhance and complement users’ ability to shop within your app and website. These features can ensure you’re prepared for “micro-moments and can offer a seamless, efficient way to turn a consumer’s intent into a mobile conversion.

A mobile wallet is an excellent example of one of the useful features. Services such as Google pay, Samsung Pay, or Android pay are some of the many options currently available for the consumer to securely and efficiently make the payment from their phone without having to have physically had access to the credit/debit card.  The mobile wallet makes the mobile shopping experience faster, thus decreasing the friction to buy.

Metrics to measure mobile optimization success 

The efficiently optimized mobile app can continuously collect data about customer shopping behavior. This collected data can be consumed to analyze how the app’s newly added feature is performing. 

While there isn’t one list of metrics to measure success for all business types, the following is the list of Top matrics of Mobile Shopping.

  • Amount of time spent on web page or page within the app
  • Number of Active users
  • User bread crumbs
  • User Search History
  • Lifetime value

The business should also look for Customer’ sentiment through social media, Affiliate sales, as well as brand mentions. All of the above metrics play a significant role in evaluating mobile actress all the shoppers. 

In mobile optimization, grabbing mobile traffic and converting shoppers to the customer is an ongoing process. The primary reason behind every e-commerce companies success, mastering how to convert mobile traffic into conversions. This requires testing, evaluating feedback, and measuring metrics, then implementing necessary changes and repeating the process. When you optimize your eCommerce mobile features, you’ll likely see benefits that go beyond higher revenue. Users who experience a streamlined, comfortable mobile experience are much more likely to make a purchase, use the retailer again, and recommend them to their network. This is why mobile optimization is so essential to your eCommerce strategy and your business’s growth.

Provide a smooth and flawless shopping experience

Salesforce commerce cloud can provide a smooth and flawless experience your customer is seeking when shopping online. Regardless of where they are browsing, Social media sites, eCommerce sites, or mobile app, Salesforce commerce cloud can help you track your customer’s online communication with your business. Salesforce’s Artificial intelligence processes the data it collects to make predictions for your customer’s future activities like predicting future sales or the correct time to engage with them throughout the year.

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