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From the Excel era to CRM in the cloud - Part 3 - Customer Service

Client service or who’s in charge of customer satisfaction

Problem: No assistance during a phone call

Most incoming calls from your potential or existing customers will be either complaints or detailed enquiries about the offer. It’s bearable, if the customer is nice, patient and calm. And what if you get a short-tempered one? Your agent may need some assistance from more experienced colleagues here and now. After all, your agent simply cannot put his handset down and shout through half of the office: "Lucy, come here because there is a client who does not follow...".

Solution: Call re-directing or adding another person to a conversation

When using CRM your agent will simply see on his screen which agents are free and will be able to redirect his call switch the call to it or ask someone to join if needed. Specific areas of knowledge can be assigned to agents to make it easier to recognize the right person.

Another example is a problematic client. As soon as a client raises his voice, information appears on the supervisor’s screen and he/she can intervene if necessary. Of course, the CRM system has to be integrated with the telephone exchange.

Problem: Repeatable customer enquiries

The larger our customer base, the more often they call with the same problems: "How do I assemble a new wardrobe because I've lost my manual," or "The Internet has stopped working and my bills have been paid". Your costs are rising because you need to hire more and more people to answer the same questions from your customers and your profits are melting. 

Solution: Self-service knowledge portal

Modern CRM systems in the cloud make defined resources available to external persons through a website or a dedicated client portal. For example, if you are an Internet provider, it is worth creating a portal where your customers will check on their own how to configure a modem or what to do when the Internet suddenly stops working. Step by step. You enter the content into your CRM, but your customers read it on external websites. And even if someone still calls with such a question, your agent will also have the same content on his screen able to explain to the customer what he should or can do.

Problem: You lose control over customer inqueries

Customers contact you by calling the number given on the website or at the reception desk, they write e-mails to the main office or individually to the employees. There are those who send traditional letters or even come to the office in person. If your company is to grow, you have to control it. Besides, how can you know that the employee to whom the inquiry is sent will take care of it conscientiously? If this is not his main responsibility, he may ignore it.

Solution: Central enquiries management system

Collecting inquires is not a technological challenge. CRM systems have the function of accepting e-mails, content from forms on the website or telephone calls. What counts is efficient management of this process. Thanks to the CRM system you will automate the process of processing requests. The rules of assigning them will ensure that they reach the right agent. You can set the order of handling these requests according to the importance of the problem or the importance of the customer. Escalations to customer service managers help when it takes too long to solve a problem. 

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