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Top 10 Salesforce Service Cloud Functionalities

Are you already thinking of going Service Cloud?

Most of you have started Salesforce journey with Sales Cloud implementation.

Your sales people achieved higher working efficiency, your company converts more leads and closes more lucrative opportunities. You are even able to forecast your next year revenues and plan employment growth accordingly.

But what about keeping your existing customer base happy, solve their issues faster and make sure they do not leave you to your competition? If you face these issues it is highest time to setup of your Service Cloud.

Have a look at top functionalities it offers:

  • Lightning Console - Lightning Console provides an enhanced design to the Service Cloud console. It gives agents a unified view of every case detail and customer interaction that happens anywhere across the platform. The design also makes it easier for customer service agents to spot the information they need to get their jobs done faster. They can be more productive by using enhanced algorithms to suggest relevant knowledge articles, macros, and recommended actions from similar cases.
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