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What You Should Know About Spring ’19 Release

There are plenty of awesome features and functionalities getting our way with the Spring '19. Here is a taste of the best ones, so get excited.
  • Pinned List Views - this feature will allow you to jump right into your most important list view. Learn more

  • Flow Builder - provide users to build flows more intuitively. Allows admin to create very complex processes with similar functionalities as Apex code but without the need of writing a single line of code. Learn more

  • Sales Cadences - Sales Cadence Builder is used to create consistently, scheduled cadences of outreach activities (emails, calls, meetings) to help Sales reps nurture their prospects with maximum efficiency. Learn more

  • Increased Data Storage - if you are using your storage to the max, there is great news for you, the storage is going to increase from 1GB to 10GB! Time to spread your wings. Learn more
  • Conditional Report Highlighting - makes it possible to highlight and visually distinguish the most important information in the report. Learn more

  • Permission Set Groups: Group Permission Sets Based on User Tasks for Easier Assignment - Instead of assigning users multiple permission sets, you can combine them into a single permission set group based on the tasks that a user regularly performs. You can include the permission sets in other permission set groups, too. Updates in a permission set propagate to all permission set groups that include the permission set, giving users in the groups the aggregated permissions. Learn more

5 Steps To Nail Salesforce Spring ’19 Release

  1. Test it on Sandbox

    Testing gives you an opportunity to try the awesome new features which Spring release offers. You can sign up for a pre-release here right away. Please note, that it won't have any of your org configurations.

    Salesforce has two release windows for Sandboxes, which depends on whether your sandbox is a “Preview” instance, with release date 4/5th January or “Non-Preview Instance” which will be released on February 8/9th.

    If you are not sure which sandbox is yours, in a blog post published by Salesforce, there are handy instructions on how to find out.

  2. Check out the Release Notes

    The notes are being posted and updated here. You can find information about all new features. Be sure to check especially the products you use in your org for release updates. In case it is your first time, here are some useful tips on how to find exactly what you need.

  3. Watch Release Readiness LIVE by cloud

    Jan 28 - Feb 1 multi-day video streaming will take part. It is going to be available on demand after the event. You are getting the chance to hear about the latest features and see demos of the product right from the Managers across the company and clouds themselves.

  4. Spring ’19 is here

    Check Maintenance Calendar for Spring '19 features to know, when exactly your Salesforce will get the Spring ’19 features.

    Be sure to test all your main use cases in Salesforce before this date to ensure, that everything continues to work. Even though there is a rare chance something won't work, one cannot be sure enough.

  5. Enjoy the ride!

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