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Free and interrupted movement of people and data is the main driver of today’s economy. As mobile technologies spread rapidly in all areas of peoples’ lives, mobility, responsiveness and flexibility become the key requirements for any business’ growth. Business no longer takes place only in the office – today business happens on the go.

Mobile CRM will be an essential tool for your business

Did you know that approximately 43% of the total global workforce will be fully mobile by 2022, according to Strategy Analytics?

So, it’s no surprise that such technology as CRM is also going increasingly mobile.

What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM apps offer a simplified, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-use version of the desktop solution that can be used on smartphones and tablets to perform day-to-day tasks while on the go.

No need to be tied to your desk in the office to have access to key capabilities of a CRM system. With a CRM system installed on your mobile device, you can carry on working on the go, and be as much involved and up-to-date as if you were in the office.

In this article, we’ll review how different teams in a company – sales, customer service, and management – can benefit from Mobile CRM.

But before, let’s take a look at how Mobile CRM is taking its position on the market these days.

Mobile CRM on the rise

Approximately HALF of the web traffic in the world is generated by mobile devices!

In Q1 of 2019, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated a whopping 48.71% of global website traffic, reports Statista.

And Mobile CRM seems to be responding to the current mobile trend really well. A study conducted by Software Advice showed that almost half of CRM users access their CRM system on smartphones (48%), and/or tablets (45%), and multiple devices (81%)

So, what’s the secret behind its popularity? The underlying benefit of Mobile CRM – relevant to all businesses – is improved access to data.

It gives people a chance to quickly access the wealth of customer and prospect data stored in a desktop CRM system – be it names, addresses, phones, emails, previous interactions, documents, purchases, quotes, open or closed sales, service requests, etc.

There’s no need to go back to the office to access the latest data – all you need is a mobile device connected to the Internet.

According to the Software Advice survey, 74% of CRM users said their system offered improved access to customer data.

And now it’s time to explore the benefits that Mobile CRM brings to different teams.

Mobile CRM for Sales 

We’ll start with the team that benefits by far the most – salespeople.  

Mobile CRM gives sales professionals the freedom to be as productive in the field as they are in the office. In fact, a study showed that their productivity increased by 15% when they had mobile access to CRM applications.

From having access to critical data and real-time updates at any time to being able to add or change information as soon as something happens – is only a handful of perks a Mobile CRM app can give salespeople.

  • Better collaboration among team members. To better coordinate activities with your team, you can plan your days, register activities, and schedule appointments and meetings with colleagues or customers on the go by using your shared CRM calendar. You can also use the chat function to share files, ideas, and updates on a sale, or dial straight into meetings with the click-to-call function.
  • Increased productivity and organization. Mobile CRM allows you to send documents, view projects, review notes, update your sales pipeline, make a call or send an email – no matter where you are. You also have your to-do list right at your fingertips. And with push notifications and alerts appearing on your mobile device’s screen you won’t miss a follow-up or a meeting.
  • Better data quality. You can access and update information on leads, contacts, partners, and sales opportunities in real-time, which results in better data quality. You don’t have to wait till you get to the office to log in or modify data. This means that you won’t forget important details or numbers. Instead, you can immediately take action, update the system and let everybody know of what you found out or agreed on.
  • Closing more deals and shortening sales cycles. Research by Innoppl Technologies proved that Mobile CRM helps salespeople close more deals: 65% of sales professionals who used a Mobile CRM system achieved their sales quotas, so compared to only 22% who worked with the desktop solution.

Giving access to the entire database on a mobile device, Mobile CRM also helps shorten sales cycles by following an automated sales process, reducing the number of interactions or time spent on research, and allowing salespeople to spend more time actually selling and prospecting, instead of looking for customer information, searching for docs or emails.

  • Saving time. In sales, time is everything! Mobile CRM helps sales reps automatically log in sales calls, activities, and updates. It also takes a few clicks to find a prospect’s or customer’s contact details and even navigate the route to their office by using a map on your smartphone.

Mobile CRM for Customer Service

Today’s customers are spoilt for choice, and they demand your full attention on all communication channels and at any time. And since “the customer is king”, not paying attention to customers is business suicide.

That’s why having access to the system no matter where you are makes the life of customer service people much easier.

  • Register new service tickets and manage your queue. No matter where they are, with Mobile CRM customer service agents are able not only to receive and log in new customer service requests but also manage their queue: track, assign, escalate or close tickets. No need to wait until you’re back in the office, the mobile app offers you access to real-time updates on pending customer inquiries.
  • Increased speed of response. When your customers ask for help, they don’t expect downtime or delay. Mobile CRM gets you going even if you’re away from your desk. You can find the right ticket by using search filters and move on to the next one without delay. And if you’re serving customers via chat, you can serve multiple tickets simultaneously and avoid keeping customers waiting.
  • Timely allocation of service requests to agents. Customer service team leaders or managers can enjoy an easy overview of the queue and know how many pending, open, and closed requests there are. As a result, they can assign tickets to particular agents, keep track of individual performance and draw reports even if they’re on the go.

Mobile CRM for Management

When talking about people on the go, nobody beats the company’s top management.

Often away from the office, management still needs (and likes) to keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in all teams. And for that, they need a Mobile CRM app!

  • Manage schedules and allocate tasks. Since Mobile CRM offers access to real-time CRM data, including calendars, projects, and sales, managers can track their teams’ performance, know who is doing what, see the stages of sales and marketing campaigns, and, as a result, assign tasks in a more timely and informed fashion.
  • Access dashboards to pull reports and analyze data. Making long-term strategic decisions, analyzing business forecasts, refining processes, and leveraging on new sales opportunities should not only be reserved for when you work in your office. You can pull various reports and perform data analysis straight on your mobile device while on the move. Generate sales, marketing, accounting, or service reports and easily share them with your colleagues.
  • Monitor open sales in real-time. Sales managers can access real-time sales reports from their field staff. This way they’d keep an eye on the status of existing or new deals, as well as adjust the course of actions or provide timely guidance to your sales reps.
  • Increase CRM adoption rates. Easy access to the CRM system via multiple devices (mobile and desktop), as well as the seamless exchange of data, encourage people to discover the full potential of a CRM solution. As a result, CRM adoption rates increase, as people start to see the time-saving value of the system and notice improved cooperation in the team.

Tapping into the “mobile-first” philosophy                                  

As the traditional “9 till 5” office-based work model is being gradually replaced with more flexible and mobile models of work relationships, business tools, such as CRM systems, transform. 

Mobile CRM allows people not only to stay productive at all times and at any place but also to work better and faster. The “mobile-first” philosophy is especially beneficial for small or growing businesses that tend to be more agile in their activities, exploring new territories and advancing their position in the market.

Today, the mobile workforce has a competitive advantage of being able to quickly adjust to changing situations, respond to new business opportunities and answer questions as they arise, offer more customized solutions, and be physically present where their customers are.

And that’s why a Mobile CRM app is a tool every successful business needs these days.

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