Case Study


Employment: 25
Headquaters: Łódź
Markets: Czech Republic, Germany, Poland
Clients: +2500

Modules implemented:

  • App Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Integration with ERP


  • 34% increase in orders
  • 2-times faster order processing

MCC Medale – accelerated growth with Salesforce CRM | YouDigital

MCC Medale's journey to improving the order fulfilment process

Bartłomiej Pakuła - the founder of MCC Medale from Łódź - started his adventure with medals production 5 years ago. Thanks to his sense of entrepreneurship and courage to take decisions, the company started to grow. Successful marketing activities and attractive offers influenced the fact that the customers' database continued to expand. The desire to maintain the high growth rate required, among other things, employing new professionals who joined the sales department.

Dynamic development entails also several challenges to overcome on the road to success. One day, while preparing the next quarterly summary of the company's financial results, Bartłomiej Pakuła decided to better understand the process of order execution. So far, there have been no answers to questions such as: How much time is needed to complete the order? Are there any so-called "bottlenecks" in the process of sales and order execution? What are their possible causes?

The analysis of the sales process showed, among other things, that sometimes customers wanted to withdraw an order already at the stage of its execution, or that there were customer inquiries that remained unattended by the sales team for too long. A problem that was felt primarily by production employees also came to light - the inflow of orders without planning, not considering the real capacity of the production line.

Admittedly, these cases were rare, but in order to maintain the company's continued high growth rate and its desire to become a leading player on this market in Poland, as well as the planned launch of services into new foreign markets, something had to be done about it. The company identified three (w PL wersji są DWA, a lista zawiera TRZY) main challenges to overcome:

Challenge 1: Lack of a full picture of the customer relationship

First, it was necessary to analyze and understand the entire order process from the moment a potential customer approaches the company until the finished order is sent to him. The problem that had to be resolved was insufficient information and order data.   

Until then, MCC Medals has been collecting and processing data on contractors in excel spreadsheets, which resulted in:

  • the data in the files being static and the process difficult to be accurately traced;
  • different versions of the files and difficulty to determine the one version of the truth;
  • data consolidation for reporting purposes being too time-consuming;
  • automation and notifications being very limited.

"Updating data and maintaining its reliability was an additional problem," admits Bartłomiej Pakuła. - We just did and analyzed a lot of things "out of our heads". Our knowledge was not sufficiently available and shared. The departure of an experienced employee could also mean the loss of this knowledge".

Challenge 2: The flow of information between company's departments

The IT solutions used so far have not supported the company in several important areas. The largest problem was the flow and availability of information. Offers and projects were usually prepared from scratch because it was not possible to see the history of documents developed during the execution of previous orders. Communication between individual departments required support. This was particularly important in the case of changes in the orders currently being fulfilled or of handling incoming additional orders. The previously used system lacked notifications that would improve the exchange of information between employees. The most important information was communicated by phone or e-mail, which led to mistakes and delays in the company’s data flow.

Challenge 3: No standardized sales process

The lack of a flexible and scalable customer relationship management system also prevented the introduction of a standardized sales process. And although MCC Medale's employees tried to execute all the steps in this process (search, preparation, approach, presentation, dealing with customer objections, closing, post-sale contact with the customer), it was not always standard. "We were aware that there was a direct link between the process and sales results, but we lacked the right tool to implement it". - says Pakuła. Knowing it is not only important who and when is talking to the customer, but also what is the response time to an inquiry, the owner of the company decided to find an appropriate solution.

Salesforce - CRM in the cloud

After a long search and having tested many solutions, the Salesforce platform turned out to be the best one to help solve above listed problems. The main Salesforce platform advantages over other solutions were:

  • scalability and flexibility of the system that will grow and change with the company - and MCC Medals want to grow;
  • mobility and accessibility from almost anywhere in the world - a web browser is enough, and you don't need to install anything;
  • innovation, i.e. Salesforce adding new functionalities regularly;
  • speed and relatively low cost of Salesforce implementation by the YouDigital team.

In the first phase, analytical workshops were conducted together with the implementation partner YouDigital. Their aim was to thoroughly understand current processes at MCC Medals. It allowed defining which elements of this process should be transferred to Salesforce, and what should be changed in the process itself.

As a result, a technical and functional project was prepared, which opened the second phase of the project, i.e. implementation of the Salesforce system.

"Salesforce offers a lot of functionality out of the box but each company, including mine, has specific processes that need to be additionally configured," explains Pakuła. - It took literally several weeks to adapt the system to our needs. This saved us time and money compared to companies that decide to build CRM from scratch with their internal IT resources."

The result: Greater productivity and transparency

Today, the MCC Medals sales team spends more time efficiently supporting the customer from the moment of receiving an inquiry or order.

As the head of MCC Medals reveals - "Until now, we have been wasting a lot of time on the exchange of information between our graphic designers, who prepare projects, and their recipients. Our salespeople are also in the middle of this process, so the communication was not transparent. In addition, customers often don't quite know what products they need or change their minds during order processing. It happened also that customers submitted similar inquiries to our competitors, who reacted in a faster and more efficient manner and actually won the customer."

Salesforce technology has also helped to reduce time spent on routine tasks through automation and has given MCC Medal employees more time to build valuable customer relationships through:

  • automated assignment of the lead to the salesperson by territory, competence, and type of order;
  • automated redirection of leads in case of too much workload of a given salesperson;
  • personalized email templates for repetitive communication types;
  • notification to management about unattended leads;
  • generation of offers and invoices in PDF format with deadline reminders.

"We estimate that within a few months after the implementation, we have achieved 2 times faster order execution, which will result in 34% more orders being accepted next year" - summarizes Bartłomiej Pakuła.

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