Salesforce CPQ Explained: Guided selling. Help your sales people to select products and services.

Salesforce CPQ’s guided selling makes the selling process much more efficient for your salespeople by automatically recommending products and services based on your customer’s needs. All of this is performed seamlessly using CPQ guided selling. Sales reps are guided through the profoundly configurable questionnaire to increase opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and help bulk quantity purchases. It also helps to maintain and codified the institutional knowledge. Regardless of handling hundreds of thousands of products or services, gilded selling allows reps to narrow down the choices and present the right option quickly. Guided selling can initial setup with basic rules and then incrementally improved by augmenting with AI.

Guided Selling Capabilities

Below is the list of capabilities that Salesforce CPQ guided selling loaded with,

Prompted questions

Guided selling helps sales rep by prompting to answer few questions and bases on that answer proactively recommends best suitable product for your client.

Predominant and Alternative Options

Enable flexibility with fully preapproved and packaged selection for your sales rep to provide primary as well as secondary selections.

Product comparison with images

Capable of showing images to provide visual comparison between 2 suggested products help providing better recommendation for the client.

History tracking

Easily able to perform audit trail on what actions sales rep took foreach sales call and also able to view the answer to each question.

When do guided selling gets into effect?

Guided selling starts as soon as sales rep adds products to the quotw. Their answer to the guided question determines product recommendation by salesforce CPQ. In some cases, guided selling may ask follow-up questions to better understand your need. This makes dynamic selling unique and responsive experience with each quote your sales rep creates. All of this ultimately results in best product recommendation for your client on the other side of the phone line.

Types of guided selling

Let’s have a look at several different types guided selling method. 


Basic types of guided selling are like selecting 1 category or region and it will list all products within that category region for the user. For example, a salesforce rep selects “North America Product Catalog” in the CRM, and they will get list of all products that are eligible for selling in North America.


When generating a quote sales rep are presented with recommended price range based on historical transactions and customers demographic information. CPQ then presents probability meter of likelihood of closing the quote as well recommendation on what to change to make probability of successfully converting quote to sell up. All of this can be handled in CPQ in real time.


CPQ advanced model utilizes artificial intelligence to help sales rep prepare quotes faster. CPQ processes prior quotes, sales contracts and demographic information and generated 3 different quotes to allow sales rep to perform multi quote comparison which ultimately helps speeding up the sales process.

Guided Selling Quote Process

CPQ allows to create quote process to store setup information related to your prompts for guided selling. Below are steps to create quote process for guided selling in CPQ.

  • Create Quote process record
  • Define all questions that prompt asks your sales reps
  • Allocate the input for each of the above created prompts
  • Create process input condition, if you want to ask question dynamically based answer to another question
  • Fetch record id of the quote process from the URL and paste that into the quote line group’s quote process id field within guided selling prompt. To automate this process workflow field update or process flow can also be utilized.

To trigger the displaying of guided selling prompt, open or edit created quote. Quote process ID will then automatically trigger the prompts that you created as part of above steps. 


Guided selling helps your sales team quickly bundle quote accurately and minimize the probability of it getting rejected or returning of product. This allows your sales reps to focus their time and energy into the new sale instead of wasting that on the last sales.

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