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Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that's centered around customer relationship management (CRM). The Sales Cloud is a module that comes with the Salesforce platform that allows users to manage and track leads, accounts, and opportunities.

Salesforce Sales Cloud features

Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to help salespeople be more productive by helping them close more deals, manage their time more effectively, and collaborate more effectively with their team members.

Here is a list of features you should know about to get the most out of Sales Cloud.

Contact Management

Sales Cloud gives sales reps a complete picture of each client. Sales reps can track all past interactions on a single platform, regardless of the communication channel, whether through social media or a phone call.

This means that they can stay on top of their interactions and nurture leads to convert them into paying clients.

Opportunity Management

Sales reps need to know the timeline of the deal. They need to devise a strategy for every stage, and they need to do it quickly.

This feature enables reps to create a quote in minutes and is equally available in the Mobile App for reps in the field.

Lead Management

From the outset of lead generation, the goal is to convert a lead into an opportunity.

With Sales Cloud, all details on marketing campaigns which resulted in the lead can be viewed and analyzed. The insights gained help devise the next steps and the system also provides an email and email tracking feature for slick communication.

A web-to-lead feature enables online lead capturing including auto-response capabilities.

Reports and dashboards

For an at-a-glance overview of the business, dashboards provide a dynamic visual for identifying trends and overall performance.

A drag-and-drop feature adjusts fields for real-time reporting and the entire process is fully customizable. Running reports becomes ‘push button easy’.

Sales Forecasting

Businesses need to be forward-thinking to keep up with the competition, drive sales and motivate employees.

A capability to see an overview of the sales pipeline and gauge the success of each lead’s journey can facilitate the creation of future sales strategies.

Sales Collaboration

Vital for the success of team success, collaboration ‘made easy’ gives users social tools which enable them to share information more quickly and work together to close deals more efficiently.


In a few simple clicks, sales teams can create branded quotes, contracts, and invoices using templates that are fully customizable.

With pricing and discounts already built-in, reps can be confident in providing a streamlined experience.

Territory Management

To maximize productivity, the Sales Cloud system allows managers to assign territories to individual reps based on sets of criteria such as geography, business, or need.

The system simplifies the sales process through the identification of the most relevant resource to close the deal.

Sales Data and Intelligence

Accurate data is key to providing accurate reporting. One solution which helps reps save time in trawling through data themselves to complete gaps and amend errors is by using inside Sales Cloud.

This gives added confidence to those using the system in the knowledge that the data is correct.

Inside Sales Console

One of the many ways in which Sales Cloud allows customization, this interface provides users with an alternative console to see exactly the data they need to speed up their process and to avoid the need to swap from screen to screen.


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