Top 10 Salesforce Service Cloud Functionalities

Most of you have started Salesforce journey with Sales Cloud implementation. Your sales people achieved higher working efficiency, your company converts more leads and closes more lucrative opportunities. You are even able to forecast your next year revenues and plan employment growth accordingly. But what about keeping your existing customer base happy, solve their issues faster and make sure they do not leave you to your competition? If you face these issues it is highest time to setup of your Service Cloud.

Have a look at top functionalities it offers:

  • Lightning Console - Lightning Console provides an enhanced design to the Service Cloud console. It gives agents a unified view of every case detail and customer interaction that happens anywhere across the platform. The design also makes it easier for customer service agents to spot the information they need to get their jobs done faster. They can be more productive by using enhanced algorithms to suggest relevant knowledge articles, macros, and recommended actions from similar cases.
  • Knowledge Base - Answering the same questions over and overtakes so precious time away. Knowledge Base is solving this with elegance. Instead of wasting the agents' time on routine answers, you can let customers find what they need to know on their own. Sky's the limit with this feature. You can incorporate some best practices articles or case studies so that your customers will get the best out of your product. This will serve your employees as well.
  • Omni-Channel Routing - Long gone are days when agents had to pick leads or cases out of a queue. With Omni-Channel Routing it is done through intuitive software programmed to fit your business needs and goals. Work is distributed based on employee skill set, availability and their capacity ensuring that high-priority work always receives immediate attention. That is called efficiency.
  • Case Management - is the support app to help customers on your website and in your apps. This feature will help you resolve support cases faster by automatically assigning the right agent and knowing what to focus on and when. Seeing every customer interaction in a chronological timeline, regardless of the channel will give you a full overview and everything will easily appear in the flexible newsfeed.
  • Service Process and Automation - process and automation are enabled on the Salesforce platform using drag-and-drop tools. It is allowing you to automate customer service processes. Any business request approval process can be easily automated. This feature can simplify even complex processes with dynamic screens that adapt as customer or agent move through each step.
  • Service Analytics - great tool for management, that brings you a deeper understanding of your customers from any device with visual displays, centralized KPIs like CSAT scores and service delivery metrics, allowing managers to take instant action to optimize. Einstein Discovery will analyze millions of data combinations in a matter of minutes. This will provide you answers to key business questions like what happened, why it happened and what to do about it.
  • Telephony Integration - this feature will improve customers satisfaction and allow your agents to turn clicks into calls. Agents will know instantly who is calling and will be prepared with all the clients information before he even says a word. Each phone number can be turned into a clickable link. Calls can be automatically logged and associated with any object you choose. Calls, transfers or conference calls can be done easily without ever leaving the Service Cloud console.
    • Update the status
    • Email the opportunity owner and copy their manager
    • Create a follow-up task assigned to the ownerAutomation with Macros - automation frees up your support agents by automating common, repetitive, multi-step tasks to resolve customer issues more efficiently. For example:
  • Asset and Order Management - track customers’ assets, orders, support history, and more, in one place for a complete view of their activity.
  • Live Agent - is a real-time chat functionality that also allows agents to hold multiple conversations at once. Customers are able to communicate with a service agent via the website from any device. It is one of the most-used support channels, and also has the highest customer satisfaction of any Salesforce channel.

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