Better late than never. Why you shouldn’t be afraid of cloud investment.

Does „cloud computing” give you goosebumps? Are you wondering where your data is? Are you afraid that somebody else is mining it? Or that he will simply switch that thing of and disappear?

The fact that the application is not installed on your server, locked in a server room on your premises, should not make you feel more confident. Actually, it is vice versa. Let’s compare it to the choice between keeping your money in a sock or esteemed bank.

Brian David Johnson, futurologist from Intel, describes four stages of paradox relationship between fear and new technology:

  • Fear – „It will kill us”
  • Personal struggle to make sense of the new technology – „It will steal my daughter!”
  • Denial of its usefulness – „I’ll never use it!”
  • Acceptance – „What are you going on about?”

What stage are you at?


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