salesforce implementations
We will assist you in both smaller and quicker implementations suited for SMB segment as well as larger projects involving system integrations, custom software development and data migration.

Before you decide to implement Salesforce we will run for you discovery workshops that will draw and map all your processes with regards to all your customer interaction touch points. Based on that you will see what is possible to build on the platform and what are the most valuable aspects of your business that we recommend to move to Salesforce products. As an outcome we will provide you with an exact cost estimation and implementation schedule.

Starter Projects

Getting started with Salesforce has never been so easy and fast. Through a few steps and in a matter of weeks we will deploy a fully functional system that can instantly give a value to your business. The process will include among others the following activities:

  • Business Workshops
  • Interviews with Stakeholders
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Design Documentation
  • System Configuration and Development
  • Testing and Deployment
  • User Training
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Extended Projects

Large projects are suited for larger organizations and usually means work on more than one application and other information systems. Integrations with other platforms and data migrations will be usually required too. We will provide you with the entire development team dedicated entirely to your project. The scope, price and length of the project is adjusted to client’s needs and requirements.

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salesforce development
If you need skilled programmers to write a code of a very high quality or optimise existing classes and triggers our experts can help you using best practices. Many organisations experience over-coding of their platforms that leads to frequent errors and lower performance. We are able to reduce that complexity.


we develop in an object-oriented programming language that looks like Java. Apex enables us to add business logic most system events, including button clicks, related record updates, and Lightning components. Apex code can be initiated by Web service requests and from triggers on objects.

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is the new user interface from Salesforce bringing modern appearance and functionality to the platform. Lightning framework is a UI framework that enables developers to build reusable components that makes it easier to build responsive applications for any device.

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System Integrations
We are able to integrate your Salesforce instance with other cloud or on-premise system including your back-end, data warehouse, billing or transactional systems. We use middleware and / or develop API from scratch.

Managed Services
Thanks to our managed services you will avoid unnecessary investments, make sure that your Salesforce instance keeps up with your current business needs and provides great performance.

You will get the right person to work with based on consultant’s or developer’s experience in your type of business. The administration and management of Salesforce requires daily interaction and availability which we can offer. Our team can continually customize and adapt the platform to meet your changing business requirements.

Administration & Maintenance

If you do not have full-time in-house administrator then this service is a perfect match for you. We can offer you a wide spectrum of admin services including data clean-ups, uploads, deduplications, first line support, reporting, changes in configuration and many others.

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User Support

Having a great and knowledgeable experts that can directly and quickly support your users is the best way to drive system adoption. You will be assigned a dedicated resource who can take of your users problems and questions individually.

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Ability to use the system is a key factor in successful system adoption. We offer dedicated trainings for those using Salesforce for sales, marketing, customer service and other work as well as for administrators who are responsible for maintaining and running the system. We also run workshops for management to clarify their role in the successful system adoption as well as to discover potential areas of further system expansion and improvements.


We are happy to run a training session in your premisses. It can be for users completely new to the system as well as for those who had some knowledge about it. Onsite sessions are also a great way to gather additional feedback from your users to discover potential system expansions and optimizations.

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Online training offering is best suited for organizations with widely distributed workforce. If you find it difficult to get them all together in one place, just schedule an online training with one of our experts. This is an ideal option if you need to provide regular training sessions for your employees and they are already familiar with the basics of the system.

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