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With more than 10 years of experience in the Salesforce development field, you:digital positioned itself as a reliable, high-quality, and customer-oriented partner. We are constantly developing and learning and proud to be an international company that connects different countries and nationalities within our network. We are transparent with our customers and they are gladly recommending us by word-of-mouth or various platforms, such as the

Our priority is to deliver equally high-quality service for companies of all sizes and industries. You will get a Project Manager and team of Developers that will be responsible for your particular project and will be able to answer any of your questions during the process of work. Outsourcing can become a suitable solution for small to medium-sized companies since it enables them to optimize operations at a minimum cost. For this customer segment, it is more beneficial to allocate work to the foreign vendor rather than face additional expenses for hiring in-house resources.

There are two main factors that companies consider when hiring additional resources: time and money. By choosing already experienced developers the company saves a significant amount of time on the recruitment and training process. Moreover, outsourcing from the Central European region ensures not only quality of work and communication, but significantly lower rates in comparison with the local vendors.


The first and foremost important part of the cooperation is to clearly define the problem or particular results/modifications that you would want to achieve by outsourcing. For that you:digital will schedule a free-of-charge informative session with the Consultant and Developers to ensure that your goals are clearly defined and the plan for future cooperation is well structured.

you:digital is glad to offer a test project and free-of-charge consultation for partners that are making their first steps towards outsourcing. We are confident about our skills and are willing to demonstrate our expertise, style of work, and communication level. Feel free to book a call with us and request your individual offer.


We are taking great care to build a team that we can be proud of. Our Developers hold prestigious university degrees with an average of 5 years of professional experience and over 100 Salesforce certifications in total. Apart from Sales and Service Cloud, our skillset also includes B2B Commerce, CPQ solutions, and Marketing Cloud.

you:digital is a highly customer-oriented company, that is why we ensure that the communication process with each and every customer will be a pleasant experience. All our employees, both in the Business Development and IT sectors, are proactive professionals that are fluent in verbal and written English language.

Currently, you:digital actively operates on projects in the United States and Canada. Existing time overlap is enough to ensure successful and effective communication between vendor and customer. If our partners are facing some urgent deadlines or while working with our long-term and trusted clients we negotiate suitable working hours with the possible evening shifts.

From our personal experience, we can say that long-term cooperation is making your work with providers even more effective and delightful. Once you are familiar with needs, structure, ways of communication and fully trust each other, one glance is enough to understand what your customer is looking for. We are proud to say that you:digital has a 93% retention rate and the majority of our clients are choosing us for long-term cooperation.

Pricing & Payment

We are very transparent with our pricing model and we either can give you an exact estimate of very well defined requirements or a range of a budget in case of less precise enquiries. See our other pages to learn more about our pricing model and reach out to us for a free-of-charge consultation on the best pricing model.

Before the execution of the project, we thoroughly define all the requirements and provide precise estimations of time and amount of hours required to achieve the desired results. Our main priority is to provide not only high-quality development, but fully transparent and fair estimations to ensure long-term and trustworthy cooperation with our clients.

We accept payments via bank transfer on the basis of the invoice issued by us and approved by you. We also work with services like if you find it more convenient to make a payment.

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