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"Hiring the Best is your most important task" - Steve Jobs

Team Augmentation Hiring Process

  • Selection - send us your enquiry with as much details as possible regarding the skill set of resource(s) that you are searching for, their experience, type and duration of the project. After signing of Non Disclosure Agreement and Pre-Contractual Loyalty Agreement, we will provide you within a day very detailed profiles of available specialists that meet your initial requirements and we will arrange a non-binding "Get To Know Each Other" call.

  • Quick Start - our resources will be ready to start within ten business days after we complete all legal steps which include Master Services Agreement and Statement of Work. The onboarding process including study of your documentation, processes and getting to know other of your team members can begin earlier than that.

  • Trial Period - we ensure high quality of our resources but as we follow no vendor lock-in rule you are granted a two weeks trial period. If you have doubts about the quality of the work, communications or other factors you can quit the agreement without obligation to pay for the first two weeks.

We are in the age of hybrid IT service pricing models. Reach out to discuss the most suitable option for you.

Pricing Models

  • Time & Material - this would be the most suitable option for projects with only partially defined scope, ongoing incremental development needed and/or expected fluctuations of the development. Usually small and medium projects not requiring full-time focus of a resource fall into this category of billing. We charge for exact hours spent on the given piece of development but always send you an estimate in advance.

  • Fixed Monthly Fee - ideal solution for long term projects requiring full-time engagement of the resource(s). Subject to the duration of the project we will agree on a number of billable man days in a month e.g. not less than 15 and not more than 20. In this model it is the client who prefers to manage the team or assign a project manager.

  • Fixed Project Fee - if requirements for your application are very well defined including timelines we can agree on a fixed price for the delivery of the entire product with our resources within a given period of time. This is the least common approach but very suitable for small projects being delivered by small teams of one or two specialists.

Meet Our Engineers

Many years of experience and the variety of projects that we have realised is what makes a difference when working with us.

Rastislav Hric, Senior Salesforce Engineer

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