Factory of Code

Our talented engineers from Central Europe can code anything in an efficient and flawless way. If you need skilled programmers to write a code of a very high quality or optimize existing classes and triggers our experts can help you using best practices. Many organisations experience over-coding of their platforms that leads to frequent errors and lower performance. We are able to reduce that complexity.

Project Rescue

Timelines and budgets are everything in IT projects. There are several reasons for which a project can fail and that includes underestimation of the complexity, lack of specific skill set, unclear goals, too low budget or inaccurate requirements. If you have a feeling that things are going wrong let us know and we can figure out together how to help you best.

Hire Expert

No matter what projects you are working on you will always need a team of highly skilled and competent people. We provide efficient, cost-effective resource solutions for all your IT and Salesforce related projects. With our workforce of 30+ highly qualified engineers you are in good hands. Why don’t you try us?

Custom Solutions

We combine cross-industry experience of building CRM solutions. While some single processes are applicable to any company, in most cases we will have to deal with your custom specific requirements. Our strength is the combination of experience as well as ability to engineer your requirements and propose scalable and efficient solutions.