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A Typical Day of a Senior Developer at You Digital

Our senior developers have significantly different task lineups compared to junior developers in our team. This is because our senior developers often work on tasks that transcend coding. However, before getting into the intricacies of our daily lives at work, it is important to understand who a senior developer is, and the kind of responsibilities they undertake.

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Who is a Software Developer?

Software developers are professionals that utilize their programming and design knowledge that meets the demands of clients and users. Often, software developers build applications tailored to suit business or market needs. This is why software developers are usually creative problem-solving masterminds. Their primary responsibility is hinged on their ability to detect and interpret users’ needs and deploy solutions to cater to these needs.

There are different forms of software developers. They include (but are not limited to) frontend developers, backend developers, and full-stack developers. Frontend developers are developers that build and design the part of applications that users get to interact with. Essentially, their primary responsibility is to create the user-facing components of an application and ensure optimal user experience. On the flip side, backend developers are concerned with the server side of applications. They are responsible for building and maintaining the functionalities that process and feed data within applications. A full-stack developer is competent in both frontend and backend development. YouDigital has a robust team of full-stack developers with years of experience working with the most reputable companies in the global tech industry.

A Day in the Life of a Senior Developer at You Digital

Needless to say, senior developers have significantly different job descriptions. While they undertake technical roles, they equally execute operational and administrative tasks. A typical day starts with preparing a to-do list for the day. This step seems cliché, but it is almost like a ritual at You Digital. It helps our senior developers get a good grasp of the targets and expectations for the day. Moreso, it contributes immensely to productivity and task organization. The to-do list preparation is often followed by checking work emails. After this daily routine, work kick-starts in full force. Some of the tasks our senior developers typically undertake daily are:

Communicating with Clients

We are a software agency that provides specialized Salesforce software solutions to clients. This means that we regularly have to interface with clients to determine their needs and explore possible solutions to cater to those needs. Our senior developers are often at the forefront of our communication with clients. This is because our senior developers have an extensive wealth of experience across our service offerings. Thus, they are in the best position to consult with clients and give informed insight into their project needs. Typical client communications are conducted in a team, with our senior developer spearheading the meeting's direction.

Liaising with the Project Manager to Develop Tasks

As stated earlier, our senior developers have extensive experience. However, their experience is not only expended on writing code. Our senior developers also undertake administrative tasks like collaborating with the project manager to divide projects into sprints. For context, when we decide to take on a project, it is divided into numerous sprints. These sprints are short periods used to complete a specific amount of work. Our senior developer also works with the project manager to delegate tasks to team members. This collaboration is particularly vital because our senior developers understand the strengths of team members and tasks that can optimize these strengths. Additionally, a typical day could involve working with the project developer to develop status reports on our projects. Status reports are living documents that highlight progress achieved on a specific project. These reports often juxtapose progress against initial targets for the project. The reports ensure that stakeholders are carried along throughout the development process.

Reviewing Code

This is perhaps, the most typical part of a senior software developer's day. Due to the experience that senior developers possess, they are in the best position to review code written by junior developers to determine functionality and accuracy. In situations where developers are faced with particularly tricky problems, our senior developers also provide insight to help solve the problems. However, there are situations where such problems cannot be solved with mere insight or pieces of advice. In this case, our senior developer conducts brainstorming sessions to determine ways to help our clients navigate their problems. These brainstorming sessions include different members of the team who provide their recommendations on how problems can be approached. 

Testing and Maintaining Software

While our senior developers lend their weight towards the development of new applications, one of our core responsibilities as a software agency is to help our clients test and maintain their software. This means that our senior developers are also fully involved in this process. Our senior developers typically ensure that suitable quality assurance tools are deployed to test the functionality of clients’ software. 

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While tasks can vary depending on different factors, our senior developers generally execute tasks directed at achieving high-quality services for our clients. Thus, whether our senior developers are reviewing code or mentoring junior developers, the constant factor is that these tasks are a means to achieve a common goal: to provide world-class software development services.

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