Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

YouDigital strives to foster a free and safe environment for its employees, clients, and partners. We run a non-mandatory vaccination system deeply rooted in our commitment to respecting personal autonomy, privacy, choices, and the diverse opinions of our workplace. However, we closely monitor the recommendation of health authorities and regulations and we are ready to implement necessary measures to prevent a COVID-19 workplace breakout.

For this policy, ‘vaccine’ refers to complete vaccination against the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Coronavirus Disease.


YouDigital is committed to the health and safety of all its employees. Against this background, it recognizes that COVID-19 vaccines are essential for protecting the health of its employees, customers, and community. With the emergence of new and highly contagious COVID-19 variants, it is now more important that employees protect the company and themselves by getting fully vaccinated and remaining up to date with the required vaccine boosters.

As such, YouDigital has adopted this voluntary vaccination policy to help protect the persons listed above. This policy also helps preserve the health of workers, their families, customers, visitors, business partners, and any third-party vendor or client.

2.0. SCOPE

This COVID-19 vaccination policy applies to all YouDigital employees who are physically present at any time. For those working remotely or from home, we strongly recommend receiving the action plan to ensure a collective response to the situation in line with the highest standards.


All employees of YouDigital are encouraged, but not mandated, to get vaccinated against COVID-19 (SARS–CoV–2). Employees may opt not to get vaccinated for medical and personal reasons. We encourage the former class of employees to consult with their healthcare providers about how they can protect themselves and others from COVID-19. For employees who may opt not to be vaccinated for religious reasons, we encourage consultation with their spiritual advisor about any concerns they may have.


If by any chance, an employee has an exposure to a person with evident COVID-19 symptoms or two days before the evidencing of such physical symptoms, they must inform the company of the nature of the exposure and share any relevant interactions that they may have had within the workplace in the preceding two days to assist in contact training. 

Before returning to work, the employee must provide a negative PCR test taken three- or nine days following exposure, two negative antigen tests on consecutive days three or more following exposure, and wait for five complete days before returning

If any employee lives with someone who tests positive or is positive for COVID-19, they must inform the company and show any relevant interaction they may have had at the workplace to aid in contact tracing. 

Before resuming work, such employees must show a negative PCR test taken three or more days following exposure, two negative antigen tests on consecutive days three or more following the exposure, and they must wait five complete days before returning to the workplace and demonstrate no symptoms. 


Due to the changing nature of COVID-19 and the regulatory guidance concerning the vaccine, which is constantly evolving, this policy may be reviewed at intervals by YouDigital. Depending on changes to the vaccination regime, YouDigital may review this policy as soon as every six months for the first 18 months of operation and then at least annually after that or as often as the public health regulations require.

Employees must also note that while COVID-19 vaccines are an essential tool to stop the spread of the virus, other precautionary measures must be taken to protect themselves and others, including maintaining sanitary practices and avoiding high-risk environments. 


YouDigital wants to support employees in their efforts to get vaccinated. To that end, it encourages employees to request time off for vaccination through the appropriate channels. Any further questions regarding this policy should be directed to us at: