Salesforce Team Augmentation Services

Hire senior remote Salesforce developers to provide you support and assistance for the development of custom applications and integrations on the Salesforce platform

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Best Salesforce Practices

Clicks, Not Code - Use Flows Extensively

  • Flows can be used to automate repetitive or complex business processes, reducing the need for manual work and improving efficiency

  • Flows are highly flexible and can be easily modified to meet changing business needs
  • DevOps - Streamline Delivering new Features to Production 

  • Automate deployments and tests

  • Use a source control system to track introduced changes to Salesforce orgs

  • Build in quality gates to help ensure your code is stable and error-free
  • Follow the best coding principles when writing LWC

  • Use native HTML and JavaScript - when building LWC components, to help ensure your components are lightweight and function as you need, try to use native HTML and JavaScript

  • Minimize the use of Apex - Apex is a powerful tool, but it can be expensive to execute. When building LWC components, try to minimize the use of Apex and instead use client-side logic wherever possible

  • Test your components - make sure to test your LWC components thoroughly to ensure that they are working as expected. This includes unit tests as well as end-to-end tests
  • Leverage the Power of AI

  • Turn your customer data into business insights with powerful Salesforce Einstein AI Software

  • Discover the key drivers of behaviour for your customers, and concentrate on channels where customers are more likely to interact

  • Predict and execute the right actions to grow customer value and more revenue
  • YouDigital Salesforce Developers’ Certifications

    Salesforce Platform Developer I

    Salesforce Platform Developer II

    Salesforce JavaScript Developer I

    Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer

    Salesforce CPQ Specialist

    Salesforce OmniStudio Developer

    Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant

    Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer

    Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant

    Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant

    Salesforce System Architect

    Salesforce Application Architect

    Salesforce Data Architect

    Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect

    Salesforce Identity and Access Management Architect

    Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect

    Salesforce Integration Architect

    Salesforce Administrator

    Salesforce Advanced Administrator

    Salesforce Platform App Builder


    Why should I choose YouDigital to supply my Software Developers?

    With more than 10 years of experience in the software development field, YouDigital positioned itself as a reliable, high-quality, and customer-oriented partner. We are constantly developing and learning and proud to be an international company that connects different countries and nationalities within our network. We are transparent with our customers and they are gladly recommending us by word-of-mouth or various platforms, such as the

    Can I afford an external service provider if my business is small or medium size?

    Our priority is to deliver equally high-quality service for companies of all sizes and industries. You will get a Project Manager and team of Developers that will be responsible for your particular project and will be able to answer any of your questions during the process of work. Outsourcing can become a suitable solution for small to medium-sized companies since it enables them to optimize operations at a minimum cost. For this customer segment, it is more beneficial to allocate work to the foreign vendor rather than face additional expenses for hiring in-house resources.

    Why should I try an external service provider in contrast to hiring an in-house specialist?

    There are two main factors that companies consider when hiring additional resources: time and money. By choosing already experienced developers the company saves a significant amount of time on the recruitment and training process. Moreover, outsourcing from the Central European region ensures not only quality of work and communication, but significantly lower rates in comparison with the local vendors.

    What are the first steps to working together?

    The first and foremost important part of the cooperation is to clearly define the problem or particular results/modifications that you would want to achieve by outsourcing. For that YouDigital will schedule a free-of-charge informative session with the Consultant and Developers to ensure that your goals are clearly defined and the plan for future cooperation is well structured.

    Before starting cooperation, I would want to try out and check the capabilities of the company. Is it possible?

    YouDigital is glad to offer a test project and free-of-charge consultation for partners that are making their first steps towards outsourcing. We are confident about our skills and are willing to demonstrate our expertise, style of work, and communication level. Feel free to book a call with us and request your individual offer.

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