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FactBook of Nearshore Software Development in Central and Eastern Europe

We are proud to share with you this in-depth analysis of the state of software development outsourcing and offshoring in the Central & East Europe region.

Executive Summary

Outsourcing is a contemporary practice that is receiving significant attention in recent times. The IT outsourcing market globally is currently at $557 billion, which is a cumulative of more than 77% of the entire outsourcing market. Outsourcing is a simple business process of hiring the services of an independent contractor for a particular duration or project in the company. As expected, outsourcing is a solution that has arisen primarily due to changes in the business climate. For instance, nearly 50% of small companies have testified that hiring qualified and effective employees is one of their biggest challenges. Outsourcing eliminates this problem by providing these businesses with efficient and proven employees at an effective rate for a time frame. Experts have argued that outsourcing also allows innovative and creative collaboration between persons of different backgrounds and stature to achieve company goals and tasks.

Table of Contents

1.Executive Summar3
2.Outsourcing Models5
2.1.By Location5
2.1.1.Nearshoring6 of Nearshoring7 of Nearshoring7
2.1.2.Offshoring8 of Offshoring9 of Offshoring9
2.1.3.Essential Differences and Similarities between Nearshoring and Offshoring10
2.2.By Team Setup11
2.2.1.A Dedicated Team11 of Dedicated Teams12 of Dedicated Teams12
2.1.2.Team augmentation12 of Team Augmentation13 of Team Augmentation13
2.1.3.Hybrid teams13
3.Developers Market Supply Overview14
3.1.Full Stack and Salesforce resources in CEE: numbers by country14
3.2.Full Stack and Salesforce roles mind map and definitions30
3.2.1.Salesforce Roles30
3.2.2.Full Stack roles37
Front End38
Back End38
Mobile Application Development40
3.3.List of top universities educating developers41
3.5.Business and cultural environment by country45
3.6.Software Developer Labour Cost By Country79
3.7.IT Companies in Numbers by Country80
4.Developers Market Demand Overview81
4.1.Full Stack and Salesforce open jobs in numbers by country82
5.How to find a good developer83
5.1.Software House84
5.1.1.Features of Software Houses85
5.1.2.Challenges of the Software House Cooperation Model85
5.1.3.Advantages of Software House Cooperation Model86
5.1.4.Disadvantages of Software House86
5.1.5.What is the Work Nature of Developers87
5.1.6.How to get the Developer you want from Software House88
5.2.1.Features of the Freelancer Cooperation Model89
5.2.2.Advantages of the Freelancer Model89
5.2.3.Disadvantages of the Freelancer Cooperation Model90
5.3.1.Advantages of the Employee Model91
5.3.2.Disadvantages of the Employee Model91
5.4.Tips on How to Best Employ a Good Developer92
5.5.Permanent employment versus self-employment by country92
5.6.Candidates asking salaries and negotiation strategy tips93
5.7.How to read candidate’s CV - tips and tricks97
5.8.Assessment Criteria for Software Developers100
5.9.Template Interview Questions and Conversation Flow102
5.10.Software developer personas and their professional life cycles104

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