“Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.”

YouDigital aims at creating a friendly international environment within and outside our walls. We truly believe that our inspired, skilled, and talented team is what makes us special and enables us to build successful long-term and trustworthy relationships with our customers.

Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion

What does company culture mean to us? This underpins our key values that YouDigital continuously aims to maintain with customers and within our team. We believe transparency, trust and integrity enables us to create ethical connections and maintain them in the long term. We move at a fast pace since we feel that this is essential in the Technological field. But even when confidently stepping forward, we always ensure that each one of us is confident, valued and assured about the next step.

Communication works for those who work at it

We know how important and complicated it is to ensure stable and effective communication. We are proud to say that all our employees have previous experience of work or integrations within the international environment. Consequently, they have an advanced language command, a high level of responsiveness, and a proactive way of communicating which enables them to work seamlessly in national and international teams.

Diversity: the art of thinking independently together

We want to be diverse and inclusive. A diverse workforce is more likely to understand our customers and to come up with ideas to fulfil them. Diversity improves morale. When employees of all backgrounds and abilities feel valued, they are more likely to be loyal, engaged, and productive.

Without transparency, you don't have a relationship

Transparency in business is the basis for trust between a firm and its investors, customers, partners, and employees. We aim at building long-term and valuable relationships with our customers. This would not be possible without achieving transparency when it comes to our delivery processes, pricing, workforce abilities and exceptional customer care.

Key People at YouDigital

Founders :

Paweł Hrydziuszko


Pawel is our CEO and a co-founder of YouDigital. He has almost 10 years of experience in the Salesforce industry on the delivery side. At YouDigital Pawel takes care directly of consulting, marketing and new strategic initiatives. Pawel holds a BA in Marketing and MA in Journalism. In his spare time he enjoys either trekking in the mountains, biking or simply reading contemporary literature during rainy days.

If you would like to discuss a new project then email Pawel at

Maciej Jóźwiak


Maciej is our CTO and a co-founder of YouDigital. He is always enthusiastic and enthralled at figuring out how things work and how they were created. InYouDigital he loves the challenge of analysing and identifying how information technology can be used to meet various business and customer requirements.

If you would like to know how things work in the background or discuss some technical requirement just email him at

Business Development Team :


Business Development Manager

Yana takes care of YouDigitals business development activities in Europe. Yana has several years of experience in the software outsourcing ecosystem and a deep understanding of Salesforce users’ needs and pain points. Yana has always worked in an international environment and knows how to handle cross-culture communication.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity of collaborating with YouDigital, just drop her an email

Customer Care :


Key Account Manager

Elizabeth is YouDigitals Key Account Manager. She is passionate about delivering the best possible service for our clients, so by working closely with both our clients and our amazing teams of intuitive engineers, she loves the challenge of ensuring we deliver exactly what our clients need, when they need it, and how they need it; reliably and consistently. It’s not just about providing the talent and expertise; by working together as a team, we are able to make recommendations and create solutions that deliver above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Should you have any questions regarding current projects and resources drop her an email on

B2B Commerce Lead :


Software Architect

Mateusz works as a Senior Developer and Technical Consultant for Salesforce at YouDigital. He has a very solid background in Apex, LWC and his key domain is e-commerce. He has worked on B2B Commerce (classic or former CloudCraze) projects for Coca-Cola, Bosch, Internet Stores, and other companies. Prior to joining YouDigital Mateusz worked for Tquila and Accenture in London as a Senior Software Developer. If you need a technical person that needs to face a client in an appropriate manner, he is the best person to work with.

Software Development Lead :


Senior Software Engineer

Rasta is a Senior Salesforce Developer at YouDigital and mentors less experienced members of the team. He brings to the table over 10 years of experience in software development on the platform and other technologies, and has previously worked with a number of industry leaders including Accenture and IBM as a Salesforce Developer. Rasta has been working mostly on larger, international projects involving multi-member development teams.

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