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Best React Websites for Web Development

User interfaces are a vital part of any web/app development project. React is one example of some of the best frameworks that software developers use to create quick and streamlined web pages. Today, there are numerous websites that use React; this is a testament to the versatility and efficacy of the React framework. Below, we explore some of the best React websites, including Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, etc.

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The Best React Websites: Why React Web Development Shines

Undoubtedly, React is the most popular front-end library in the world. Facebook's team developed this Javascript library to enable convenient web development that many software developers use to build outstanding interfaces. This is why many of the best React websites today opt to use this Javascript library. The diagram below shows the percentages of websites using various Javascript libraries, and React is depicted to have the largest percentage for both market share and absolute usage percentages of 7.5% and 6.1%, respectively.

react websites for web development

The graph below also indicates the historical trend in the percentage of websites that use specified technologies.

react websites for web development

Companies using react native for their websites or apps enjoy numerous benefits.

Some of these include:
  • Streamlined Development: Through the development process, websites that use React get to enjoy a quick and streamlined creation process. 
  • Component Approach and Reusable Components: React's component-based architecture makes it easy for software developers to reuse and manage code. Companies using react native for their development projects enjoy a decreased time required for development and maintenance. 
  • Vast Ecosystem and Strong Community: Companies that use react native for their projects can rest assured that they have the support and backing they need to ensure their projects stay reliable, scalable, and innovative.
  • Ease of learning: Anyone looking to develop websites built with react native will find that learning the library is quite easy. This makes it popular amongst software developers. 
  • Compatibility. Another significant advantage is its compatibility and how new versions of this library are compatible with prior releases. Websites that use React get to enjoy this benefit.

React App Examples

Suppose you are contemplating what framework to use for your next website project; below, we delve into some of the best react websites available. These React website examples include:


Facebook, a popular online social networking platform, makes the top of the list of React app examples. It is worth mentioning that Facebook stands as the pioneer in using React. Interestingly, it was one of the software engineers at Facebook that created React, and the team conceptualized it in 2012. Since then, it has been used for Facebook's front end. 


Instagram is popularly known as a social network for sharing videos and photos. It was founded in 2010 and was acquired by Facebook in 2012. It is also a popular example of a website built on React. Statistics show that not only does Instagram have over 2 billion active users monthly, but it also ranks as the 4th most popular social network in the world, as of January 2024.  


Next up on our list of React app examples is Netflix. Netflix is popularly known as a media content provider for a vast amount of shows, movies, and series. Netflix has been using React since 2015. Netflix employs React.js to make different parts of its website interactive. This makes it easy for users to watch their shows on different devices easily. 

React Website Examples

Suppose you are contemplating what framework to use for your next website project; below, we delve into some of the best react websites available. These React website examples include:


When it comes to ranking some of the best react websites examples, Reddit tends to rank really high, and with good reason. Reddit is a massive discussion forum that has surely established itself as one of the top internet hubs for everything news, debates, and entertainment. Reddit's amazing interface is what makes it one of the most renowned websites built with React. is another React website example that was introduced by Microsoft in 2017. Microsoft Outlook leveraged the potential of React to develop its web software product, which is a personal information management tool. The product has various components, including email, calendar, contacts, etc., and is available in mobile and web versions. 


After ten years of running on Coffeescript and the Backbone JS framework, this web-based task management system eventually had to transition to a better framework- React. Trello is another solid React website example that stands out for its transition to a dynamic stack that offers well-designed components and fantastic responsiveness. 

Why Use React For Web Development?

Why pick React for building websites? People often wonder which framework to choose for their web development needs. React stands out for several good reasons. It makes building dynamic websites simpler and faster, thanks to needing less code compared to plain JavaScript, which can be daunting, especially for newbies. React's edge really shows here, making it a great choice for those just starting out. Plus, React lets you reuse code components, cutting down on development time significantly. This is perfect for projects where speed is of the essence.


It is without a doubt that React native is a very powerful and widely used framework worldwide. These companies that use react native do so because of the many advantages the framework brings to their projects. Above, we have briefly explored great features that make React one of the most praised app development stacks. At YouDigital, we are always focused on building high-quality cross-platform apps and sites using advanced stacks like React Native. Are you looking for an app for your brand or business? You are just one click away from hiring a React developer for your next project. Contact us today!

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