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What are the Key Considerations while Choosing an Outsourcing Partner in Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe comprises 11 countries and republics. The region is undoubtedly known for its high-quality IT professionals with unrivaled experiences. So far, outsourcing in Eastern Europe has resulted in more than $100 billion in the last two years alone. Interestingly, the market is projected to grow by 13.76% by 2028. In light of these facts, it is evident that Eastern is the perfect place for your outsourcing needs. We have curated some key factors to consider when choosing an outsourcing partner in Eastern Europe.

key factors to consider when choosing an outsourcing partner in Eastern Europe.

Unveiled: Some Key Considerations in Choosing an Outsourcing Partner in Eastern Europe

Professional Force

Eastern Europe has one of the largest IT talent pools globally. Countries like Poland, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic have become household names for outsourcing locations. However, this large pool of professionals also implies that there are a lot of qualified persons, hence the temptation to select talents not suited to your needs or project objectives. As such, you must consider the professional skills in light of the project's requirements and choose a partner based on that. 

Previous Projects and Partnerships

You should refrain from delving headfirst into a partnership. Opting for an outsourcing partner with a record of excellence and successful previous projects is advisable. You need to consider previous collaboration and knowledge of such alliances. An Eastern Europe partner with a great portfolio and good record is ideal for your project goals and objectives.

Compatibility and Costs

There are many Eastern European countries, but not everyone may be compatible with a client's workplace culture and costs. Outsourcing is famous for its lower cost of operations and labor. Regardless, you should not sacrifice quality service on the altar of costs. You must be sure to prioritize a partner who can deliver quality and lower prices to promote the overall success of your project.

Experience Database

Consider your outsourcing partner in Eastern Europe by perusing their client database and making general inquiries into their experience. Many IT and software development projects may require specific skills or programming languages. As such, perusing the prospective partner will give insight into the language of specialization and compatibility with the prospective project 

Communication and Language

With effective communication, reaching project objectives in a partnership is possible. In communicating during the course of the project, it must be transparent and constant. The outsourced team must always revert to the client on current progress and objectives. Also, it is best to opt for a partner whose staff are fluent in a language understood by both parties to prevent language barriers that may slow the pace of the project.

The section above has clearly shown some of the factors to consider when selecting an outsourcing partner from Eastern Europe. If followed to the book, they should help you find an excellent partner. However, they are not exhaustive; additional research will also help in reaching a final decision.

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