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Why is being Culturally Wealthy Significant for Information Technology?

Information technology is not the first thing that comes into mind when you think of cultural wealth. There are many ways to interpret the phrase, but it certainly does not bring to mind technology. On the contrary, information technology has everything to do with cultural wealth. In IT, cultural wealth entails considering the skills, knowledge, experience bandwidth, and point of view offered by diverse cultures or people regarding the development and use of technology.

Ever heard the saying, "No country is an island?". In this case, no culture is an island. Information technology is so diverse and intricate that it requires varying perspectives, all of which work together for the exponential development of IT. The sections below will consider the true definition of cultural wealth concerning information technology and the importance of the same.

culturally wealthy team for Information Technology projects

What is Cultural Wealth in Information Technology?

In simple terminology, cultural wealth is the traditions, customs, experience, and skills of a set of persons. It is not uncommon for cultural wealth to be passed down by generations. In information technology, cultural wealth in information is the sum of innovations and inventions in technology that have come to be due to various backgrounds and multiple technological research. In other instances, specific designs have derived inspiration or been tailored to certain cultures – especially in the healthcare sector. Others include the digitalization of arts, intellectual property rights, and reinvention of traditional knowledge.

The question now is: why is cultural wealth considered important to IT? Check out the importance below.

Why is cultural wealth Significant for Information Technology

Creativity and Innovation

Different cultural perspectives are central to creativity and innovation; it is inevitable. The convergence of various views and opinions is often instrumental to understanding information technology gaps and providing unique solutions. These solutions may be harder or completely impossible to realize without the unique perspectives that different cultures may bring. 

Knowledge and Experience Transfer

The essence of rapid technology development is the ability to share and transfer experience and knowledge to others. Many information technology firms and software development businesses can only boost the innovations they develop and use because of the transfer of experience at one time or another. In this function, cultural wealth becomes most evident in information technology advancement.

Technology Tailoring

Technology will almost always develop based on current needs and various perspectives. Simply put, a rich cultural wealth allows for the development of rich technologies. This is because the latter will be tailored to the needs of the former as they arise. Technology is usually tailored to cultural or societal wants and needs.

Global Penetration

What use is information technology if it does not receive global penetration through the connection of people worldwide? Cultural wealth helps software development businesses and Salesforce development adapt products based on the global market's specific cultural needs and contexts. That way, information technology specialists and agile development companies understand the target market and their needs.


The role of cultural wealth in information technology development is solely underrated. Regardless, companies and teams who leverage it successfully have recorded momentous growth. Companies and persons who offer software as a service should make it a point to leverage on cultural wealth to include diverse perspectives in their projects for enhanced productivity.

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