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The Ultimate Guide to Evaluating an Outsourcing Development Team

A quick search of 'doubts about outsourcing development team' will show that several employers are skeptical of outsourcing because they believe there is no way to evaluate these teams for their performance. Understandably, evaluation may be more challenging than it looks on paper due to several restrictions, such as communication and distance, zero trust policies, legal issues, and intellectual property restrictions. The good thing is that this article serves as a guide for outsourcing needs as it has curated five different tips for evaluating your outsourced development team.

Ultimate Guide to Evaluating an Outsourcing Development Team

What is an Outsourcing Development Team

Outsourcing has been around for a while, and it is no longer a new thing. It is a tool companies use to execute highly professional projects with little resource expenditure and development costs. With outsourcing, software developers are contracted to work - temporarily - on a particular project. Usually, these developers are professionals with several years of experience in the field. Unfortunately, the best attributes of outsourcing may just be its worst as employers have continuously expressed fear at evaluating these teams, mainly because of these professionals' high expertise. Below are a few ways to undertake a solid evaluation of your team.

Revealed! How to Evaluate an Outsourcing Development Team

Set a Baseline

It may be challenging to fully evaluate a team with clearly defined project objectives and expectations. Project objectives provide the foundation for assessing the team's performance and identifying places for improvement. A baseline also helps in quality control and cost management. It makes it easy for an organization to track project costs and expenses based on the budget baseline. In addition, changes to a company's management will have little or no effect on the outsourcing team where a minimum baseline is in place.

Check for Prior Experiences

Only use a developer with references and experience. You can contact previous clients and workers to ask general questions about their performance and work quality. All professional outsourcing teams and companies have a client review section, which is advisable to check. You can also contact colleagues with experience with software development outsourcing for recommendations. Other significant sources with reviews of outsourcing software development teams include software development outsourcing listings, Google search, and employee review platforms.

Consider Outsourcing Expertise vs. the Company's needs

Now that you have set a baseline and have the experiences figured out, you must pay close attention to the team's expertise. A software development team can only be suited for a project where they have the expertise to meet the Company's needs and understand the project's challenges and requirements. Expertise also comes from completely high-quality projects similar to yours. Be sure to look out for that.

Communication and Cultural Fit

In many instances, IT outsourcing is virtual and remote. In other cases, it is in a completely different country or continent! Communication is vital to engage and drive a successful collaboration. Your outsourcing development team should engage you in a clear, concise manner while communicating issues and development arising in the course of the project. Further, cultural shocks and time zone differences may exist - particularly for an offshore team. You must evaluate the success of such teams by considering the cultural fit and zone. Such evaluation is a small price compared to the professionalism and experience that outsourcing brings to your project.

Workflow Monitoring and Key Performance Indicators

You can monitor workflow rates by using daily standup inputs and fast code reviews. To verify that you are getting the best from your outsourcing team. Key performance metrics are indispensable to determine your team's performance. These metrics help to ascertain the developer team's performance and the issues that may be present in their development process. A company can also look into qualitative measures with questionnaires to understand the upscaling of the team.

There are certainly more outsourcing evaluation techniques, but the ones above are basic for evaluating your software outsourcing. Outsourcing can be a handy tool to achieve all your projects cost-effectively and timely, provided that you check the essential boxes for assessing your team's performance. Above are some of the ways to get started on your evaluation journey.

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