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How to Recruit the Best Software Developers for Your Project

Now more than ever, the face of work is changing. Employees and remote developers are increasingly demanding flexible work. The pandemic also significantly changed work trends in the labor market. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, many companies have incorporated remote work systems. These trends are even more rampant in the software development ecosystem.

Remote work has become a non-negotiable for many software developers in the job market. For instance, according to the 2023 State of Engineers report, about 40% of software engineers will only work remotely. Given the increasing talent shortage, companies will need to find ways to adapt to the market's trends. However, many companies face challenges in hiring reliable and competent remote software developers. This article will provide helpful tips on how to navigate hiring remote developers.

how to hire the most competent and reliable remote developers.

Why You Should Hire Remote Developers

Apart from the fact that software developers are increasingly agitating for remote work systems, there are specific benefits that companies stand to gain from employing remote developers. Some of these benefits include:
Reduced Costs

Operating physical work systems can be expensive. You would need to rent (or build) an office space, fix facilities, and pay costs for utilities. Additionally, companies will need to pay workers more in order to compensate for physical work. According to reports, American companies have raised wages to attract workers to physical offices. These pay increases are unsurprising, as employees will undoubtedly incur commuting costs. All these costs can easily be evaded by hiring remote software developers.

Higher Employee Retention

As stated earlier, software developers increasingly opt for companies that provide remote work options. This is primarily due to benefits like work-life balance. Companies that provide strict physical work schedules are at risk of experiencing high retention rates. Many employees have also expressed their willingness to quit if their employers are not flexible about remote work. Essentially, your chances of maintaining your workforce are higher if you hire remote software developers.

Wide Talent Pool

One of the major benefits of hiring remote software developers is that you gain access to an extensive pool of software developers. This is because your hiring choices are not geographically limited. This lack of geographical restriction can help circumvent talent shortages in your home country. For instance, the USA is expected to experience a software engineer shortage of 1.2 million in the next three years. However, you can easily hire developers from Asia, the Middle East, or Africa as an American or European company. At You Digital, we maintain a diverse and remote workforce of developers from different parts of the world. This diversity has provided us with extensive expertise that has proven useful in our service delivery to clients.

More Productivity

A recent study showed that software developers are generally more productive when they operate in environments devoid of distractions that arise in a typical office environment. Moreso, when employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance, they are more likely to be more productive at work. Remote work provides the needed balance that can support developers' productivity. 

Tips for Hiring Remote Developers

Generally, software developers must possess hard and soft skills. Hard skills include the general technical skills you would expect a competent software developer to possess. However, soft skills are more nuanced. They include people-oriented skills like communication and teamwork. A competent and reliable software developer must possess both skill sets. However, some other tips to apply while hiring remote software developers include the following:
Craft a Detailed Job Description

Your job description primarily determines the crop of candidates you will get. Your job description can also help you weed out unsuitable candidates. This is why you must ensure that the job description is as clear and detailed as possible. Clearly specify the job title, and highlight expectations. Avoid adopting vague or obscure job titles. Also, it would help to specify the compensation attached to the role. This would help candidates determine if they were open to undertaking the role. It will also save you the stress of filtering applications of candidates that may ultimately be uninterested.

Hire In-House or from Software Agencies

To hire a competent and reliable software developer, your best options are either to hire in-house or to engage the services of a software agency. This is because freelancers might not exactly be ideal if you would prefer committed developers. Freelancers juggle multiple projects and may be unable to provide the level of commitment you require. The workload could also affect their reliability. Hiring in-house will ensure that your developers are solely focused on your project. Software agencies also have structures to ensure that quality is delivered on your project. 

Screen Your Candidates Thoroughly

The screening process is the most effective route to vet the competence of your candidates. Thus, you must ensure that your screening tests for the right qualities. Conduct coding tests to evaluate the technical competence of your candidates. Additionally, conduct interviews to ensure that the developer is a culture fit for your company. It is advisable that you have an experienced professional as an interviewer. For instance, your company's Senior Software Developer or Chief Technology Officer can interview prospective candidates to ensure that they have the requisite technical skills. 

Software developers are vital to the success of your project and your product's quality. Thus, you must be intentional about hiring the most competent candidate for the role.

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