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The 10 Best Outsourcing Destinations for IT Companies

Did you know the outsourcing industry will be worth about $425.19 billion by 2026? This industry has seen rapid increase and growth in regions worldwide. As a company looking to delve into outsourcing, it is essential to understand the best outsourcing destinations for effectiveness.

Best Outsourcing Destinations

10 Best Outsourcing Destinations to look out for


In Eastern Europe, Poland has quickly become a household outsourcing destination for IT companies. The country is known for its highly qualified specialists. Poland complies with the data protection and cybersecurity regulations mandated by the European Union, making it a low cyber-risk country.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has made a name for itself with its low tax rates. International companies can readily augment or outsource from the country without worrying about taxes. The Czech Republic can boast a water-tight data protection regulation and legal system compatible with many Western outsourcing measures.


India sure holds its weight in outsourcing, generating the highest revenue over time. It offers affordable rates for IT outsourcing and is one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world. India's outsourcing also eliminates issues with communication between clients and workers as it is the world's second-largest English-speaking country globally.


Taiwan has been regularly compared to Asia's 'Silicon Valley.' The country is the hub of innovation and has been making rapid strides in IT recently. Taiwan is one of the best destinations for outsourcing as it has a suitable outsourcing climate with policies to promote the ease of international collaboration such as outsourcing.

The Philippines

The Philippines is one outsourcing destination providing low but effective outsourced labor. The country has significant business-friendly policies that suit clients searching for a team. The Philippines is also known for its considerable tax incentives that can save clients many costs!


The Global Service Location by Kearney report evaluates Brazil as the fifth leading country in software outsourcing. Brazil has a time zone difference for efficiency and more than 500,000 IT professionals. The expected salary is lower than in countries in Asia and North America. As a result, the retention rates are lower, and outsourcing contracts last longer.


Romania is a destination for some of the famous international corporations in the world. Romania has made a name for itself in the outsourcing world - particularly fintech software development, as it is recently at par with outsourcing havens such as India and the USA. 


Mexico is a Latin American country known to attract many North American IT companies looking to outsource their projects. The country shares a similar time zone with many companies and is relatively proximal to America.


Argentina is also recognized as one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world. Argentina's time zone is team-friendly and encourages faster execution of projects. It has a relatively high English-speaking population in Latin American countries, making the language barrier reasonably minimal.


China is infamous for its software developers and IT prowess. The country has low labor rates and a government that prioritizes the development of the IT sector. The country has several tech hubs and is home to many more tech firms, making it perfect for outsourcing needs.

The goals above are undoubtedly some of the best locations for your outsourcing needs. However, these places also have several outsourcing companies. So, a company must do its due diligence to get the best talents.

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