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What Is React Used For In Modern Web Development?

Today, businesses often struggle with the challenge of developing responsive and scalable web apps that can handle substantial traffic and user interactions. React is a javascript-based library that stands as one of the best UI development libraries for web apps that are highly responsive and scalable. In this article, we explore questions like "What is react used for? The benefits of react, react pros and cons, as well as why react is a popular choice for web development projects.

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What Is React?

React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library used to create user interfaces. It was developed and maintained by Facebook (now called Meta). What is react used for? Although React is not a language, it has become a commonly used front-end library for web development. In much simpler terms, think of React as a set of tools that help developers create interactive and dynamic parts of websites or web apps.

This front-end framework is used to build single-page applications. There are numerous benefits of React, one of which is that it allows developers to create reusable UI components. It works by breaking down the UI into reusable components which can be managed and updated with ease. Beyond user interfaces, the framework offers different extensions for entire application architectural support, such as Flux and React Native.

React Pros And Cons

Why React, you may wonder. Well, React is a library that offers many advantages. However, it is important to note that React also has its disadvantages. Below, we explore both React pros and cons.

Advantages Of React

Easy To Learn

One of the most popular and important reasons why developers choose this library is because it is easy to learn. As a result, it won't take too much time to learn how to use this technology.

Faster Development

The simple answer to the question, "Why React?" is the faster development it brings to projects. React fosters productivity because of its reusable components and development tools. Some of these tools include the React Developer Tools browser extension.

Trusted By Great Companies

Some of the companies that use React should tell you about its value. This front-end framework is used by major companies like Facebook, CodeAcademy, Netflix, Airbnb, IMDb, amongst many others. This shows that React is a very high-quality tool for front-end development.

Strong Community Support

Before choosing a front-end library, it is always essential that you choose one with great community support. React has a large community of developers who work towards making it better, as it's an open-source library. There are also unlimited online resources that can help people learn the technology.

High Performance

React provides high performance. React's key features include a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering, which allows complex applications to run quickly.

Mobile App Development

React isn't for web development only. The framework can also be used to create native mobile apps for Android platforms as well as iOS platforms.

Disadvantages Of React

Boilerplate Code

If you are ever developing a complex React app, it may involve writing additional boilerplate code. This can be time-consuming and increase the overall codebase.

The Higher Pace Of Development

React faces a problem with a higher pace of development. While it might have its advantages, there is a negative side to the fast pace of development. This is because it means that there are constantly new updates, and some developers many not have enough time to relearn the codes. This leaves them in a cycle of fast updates but slow guides or documentation of how the framework works.

SEO Handling 

React apps usually first render on the client-side. This can create challenges for search engine optimization (SEO). 

Reduced Performance On Legacy Devices 

React app performance tends to degrade on older hardware and in locations with poor internet connectivity. 


React uses JSX, which is a syntactic extension that enables HTML to interact with JavaScript. Although there are benefits of React to this approach, many developers see JSX as a barrier and a difficult learning curve.

Why Use React For Web Development?

"Why React?" and "Why use React?" are common questions that arise when considering web development frameworks. Undoubtedly, the many benefits of React are reasons for its adoption in web development projects. If you choose to use React for your projects, you will enjoy the ease of creating dynamic web apps because it requires less coding unlike JavaScript, where coding can get complex very quickly. In this case, for the debate of JavaScript vs Reacts, React takes the lead, especially for beginners. In addition, its reusable components substantially reduce the application's development time. This is a useful feature if you want to get your project up and running as quickly as possible. In comparison to other front-end frameworks, React is also cost-efficient because of its flexibility, which is due to its modular structure. React helps to build rich user interfaces; this is a testament to why major companies use it. Tesla, Airbnb, Walmart, and Tencent QQ are only a few of the major brands that built their apps using React.

If you are looking to leverage the power of React for your next project and need to hire React developers, you will find a wide range of highly skilled companies that specialize in providing these services.


In today's world of web development, what is React used for? React is a flexible and effective framework for developers who want to create dynamic UIs, improve scalability, and streamline development processes. It is undoubtedly a powerful solution for modern web development. Looking to make the most of React for your projects? YouDigital's team of React developers can help you achieve efficient and successful implementation. Take advantage of the benefits of react and hire React developers today. Explore our talent pool now!

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