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Who is a Salesforce Developer? Find Out What We Do

Today, Salesforce has over 150 million customers. These companies have adopted Salesforce as a tool to optimize their operations and grow their businesses. However, a company's ability to effectively utilize Salesforce is solely dependent on the services of a Salesforce developer. Many companies rely on Salesforce developers to build applications and integrate workflows on the Salesforce platform. These developers are vital to business processes because they identify specific needs and build applications to solve those needs. Moreso, given the importance of Salesforce, companies need professionals that have an in-depth understanding of the workings and integrations on the platform. These functions are executed by a Salesforce developer.

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce developer is a professional who deeply understands the intricacies of the Salesforce platform. Such developers build customized Salesforce applications to solve business needs. They understand the specific Salesforce products suitable for your business and deploy their specialized knowledge to build offerings tailored to your company.
Salesforce developers utilize three primary technologies to deliver their tasks. These technologies include Apex, VisualForce, and Lightning Component Framework. As a company, there is barely any need for you to understand the intricacies of these technologies, as that is the primary function of your Salesforce developer. Nevertheless, these technologies are effective tools that Salesforce developers often deploy to customize visual layouts, troubleshoot problems, and integrate third-party platforms.
The responsibility of Salesforce developers often extends beyond mere programming. They have to collaborate effectively with teams like marketing, sales, and customer relations in order to properly grasp the pain points of the business and deploy solutions that will effectively solve those problems. However, the functions of a Salesforce developer do not stop even after the solution has been deployed. The developer also has to be at the forefront of maintenance, testing, and debugging.

Functions of a Salesforce Developer

Identifying Business Needs

The primary responsibility of a Salesforce developer is to identify the needs and pain points of a business. This is because a Salesforce developer is hired to solve problems. In fact, the Salesforce platform itself was created to solve the problems of businesses and ease their workflows. However, collaboration is vital for a Salesforce developer to accurately detect a company's problems. Such developers must work closely with relevant departments to contextualize problems and accurately decide the best approach for a solution. 

Building Salesforce Applications

The Salesforce platform has become vital for companies seeking to optimize their operations across staff workflow and customer relations management. Salesforce developers function to build specific Salesforce applications for companies, depending on the needs of a business. These developers also implement Salesforce applications and oversee all integrations and extensions. It is important to note that Salesforce developers are skilled at managing an application throughout its lifecycle. While Salesforce is generally a low-code platform, Salesforce developers possess strong coding and problem-solving skills. A case in point is You Digital's pool of Salesforce developers. Our company currently hosts highly competent Salesforce developers with experience spanning decades. Our Salesforce developers are adept at interpreting business needs to build suitable Salesforce customizations. 

Creation of Testing and Implementation Plans

After customizing a Salesforce application, Salesforce developers also undertake testing to ensure that the application adequately suits the needs for which it was created. Also, Salesforce developers are responsible for training staff on the application's usage. This particularly applies to Salesforce products that are directly related to workflow. For instance, the Salesforce Orchestrator is a tool that ultimately unifies business processes and streamlines workflows across numerous multi-member departments. If a company were to require the integration of the Salesforce Orchestrator, the Salesforce developer would have to customize the application to suit the company's needs. Afterward, the Salesforce developer will equally be fully involved in user training. 

Tips for Hiring a Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developers are vital to your business processes as a company. Hiring a Salesforce developer can also increase your company's revenue and place you ahead of the competition. However, you also need to consider some issues before proceeding to hire a Salesforce developer. Here are some tips to apply while making a hiring decision:

Prioritize Experience:

Experience is the primary consideration while hiring a Salesforce developer. You need to ensure that your Salesforce developer understands the workings of the Salesforce platform and can effectively deploy solutions guaranteed to solve your problems. They also need to have a good grasp of relevant Salesforce tools and how to utilize them. Ultimately, prior experience is vital. Your potential candidate should have a portfolio of previous projects and a demonstrated background in expert-oriented programming. This can help you decide whether they have the requisite technical capabilities for your project.

Cost Considerations:

It is important to note that the most expensive services do not necessarily translate to the best quality services. If you have a budget, ensure to actively seek out developers that are willing to work with your budget. However, you must also ensure that your quest to stick to your budget does not compromise quality assurance.

Look Out for Collaboration Skills:

As stated earlier, the functions of Salesforce developers are primarily centered around collaboration. These developers must collaborate with other teams to identify your needs and fix them. However, a Salesforce developer with poor collaboration skills could potentially jeopardize your project. It might also be difficult for the developer to accurately identify and interpret your company's needs. This is why you must ensure that your Salesforce developer has strong collaboration skills. 


Salesforce is an important platform for businesses across many industries. However, Salesforce developers ensure that companies can effectively leverage the platform to increase their revenue and optimize their processes.

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