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Employing an agency while keeping a freelance working model. How to ensure that?

“We are going digital” are the best words you can hear when you are working anywhere and in any domain. And, with this decision, comes the most crucial decision - Who will we hire to do the job? You have an option to hire full-time employees, contractors/ freelancers, or agencies to do the work. Choosing Freelancers has been one of the attractive options lately. But, why choose just one when you could get the best of all worlds? At You:Digital, we work with our customers to determine a hybrid model that tailor-fits your requirements - which includes a flex model of hiring resources, rather than an entire team - giving you a feeling of working with freelancers.

Check out how our flex model can help you achieve your goal, by keeping the implementation time shorter with higher efficiency.

Advantages of Working with an Agency Over Freelancers

There are numerous advantages of working with an agency, rather than freelancers. Stability, accountability, and reliability are the most common advantages that first come to your mind when you think about the advantages of working with an Agency. Apart from these, here are some major advantages from time, cost, and business perspective:


An Agency reduces business liability as the agency covers workers’ compensation, insurance, takes care of payroll taxes, and covers the cost associated with employment. On top of this, using an Agency gives employers the ability to try out the employee before hiring them or making a long-term commitment. You can test work habits, skillset, interaction with full-time employees lowering any hiring risks.


Hiring agencies help you reduce the time to find and hire better and more qualified candidates for your company.


Hiring agencies offer flexibility to hire freelancers for the short term, which becomes helpful when you have a slower period in your organization.


Hiring agencies land competitive rates where you pay the same rate as a freelancer.


Hiring agencies offer resource security where we switch the resources to another project and we have backup resources since we want to ensure a long term engagement with you.

Client Concerns and their Solution

Depending on the type of project, the country you and your providers are based out of, the length of the project, the digital product you want to implement - you might come up with several concerns about the implementation. As per our experience, here are a few interesting solutions proposed to our clients for their concerns.

  • Client’s Concern: “It is draining for us to train the contractors.”

    You:Digital’s Solution: We hire resources, train them, and then onboard them for projects. For project-specific training, we ensure the resources are trained before the first meeting with the clients. In case of a change of resources, we ensure a knowledge transfer is done between the old and new resources.

  • Client’s Concern: “I do not have time to manage the Culture issues between my projects.”

    You:Digital’s Solution: Our staff is well-versed with the cultural gaps when working across the globe, which makes it easier for them to work and manage their projects seamlessly. They have worked with our clients from varied continents and countries.

  • Client’s Concern: “I do not want to lose control over whom I hire to do my work.”

    You:Digital’s Solution: Team is at the core of our implementations, we suggest suitable resources to our clients. We also set up an Introduction meeting, where every member who is a part of the project is introduced to our clients. This gives them a chance to interact with the team beforehand and raise any concerns.

  • Client’s Concern: “I do not want to check in every day with the developers to verify if they have done what needs to be done.”

    You:Digital’s Solution: We schedule the check-in calls based on your requirements and availability. It can range from Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly. We schedule a monthly Management call as well. Apart from this, we also have our Team Leads who ensure the developers are doing what they need to.

Right Setup for your software implementation

Well, you’ve seen us provide an innovative solution to our clients’ concerns. We do go an extra bit to ensure our clients are happy with our business and implementation practices. Check out the basic practices we have set for our clients.


Dedicated resources to ensure stability with the client. This ensures a break-free implementation as understanding the process and domain is as important as developing the system.


We are experts in our business, we ensure our legal team manages all Contractual obligations of the provider. Our legal team also guides the clients to follow their side of the contract.


Flexible terms to retain resources monthly with a minimum commitment to ensure the assigned developers work with you on your projects.


An Internal Project Manager is in touch with the developers every day to ensure everything is going smoothly.

We, You: Digital, being a well-recognized and licensed organization, ensure to leverage our experience to benefit our customers and us. Our main aim is to collaboratively deliver the most innovative solutions with certified consultants. We offer full flexibility to our customers with innovative solutions even when it comes to selecting a hybrid model to hire freelancers from us. Connect with our CXOs to take a digital leap.

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