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Finding Reliable Developers for Your Startup Idea

Most startups fail after only two years due to many structural challenges. When it comes to a new business, building a solid team is crucial to ensure that all your plans are executed well. Whether you are tech-savvy or not, you need to source the best talents to ensure the project's success. However, many founders try to minimize costs by rushing through the hiring process. But it's always best to take your time to get professional tech talents for your business. Knowing how and where to find reliable developers will help you get on the right track.

This article will cover all the essential details about hiring reliable developers for your startup.

3 Hiring Strategies For Recruiters

Having a clear concept of the hiring process is essential before you send out any job ads. You need to identify your business goals and the various details of hiring someone for the job. Here are some strategies you need to get reliable developers for your startup.

Define Your Company Priorities

It's important to clarify the details that define your brand. This will include explaining the product or whatever service you're delivering. So, more is needed to have an idea; you must also be clear on the project details. Is it a mobile app or a web app? What solution are you offering, and what are the product's main features?

You will need to encourage your potential applicants that the project is worth it and share what you're looking for in a developer. This will help you understand what developers you need and help candidates understand what it takes to be part of your project. Defining your startup's core product will also help you understand the skills you're searching for. 

Look Out For Talents

When hiring one or more developers, you should be more focused on the quality of the candidate than anything else. It is standard for companies to recruit workers with low capacity for work since they wouldn't charge a higher salary. However, this only increases the failure rate and costs the company more.

In a survey by CareerBuilder, 74% of employers confirmed hiring the wrong person for the position, which can cost an average of $15,000 per hire. However, the best move is to find developers that will perform well on your team and bring value to the company. It would be best if you had skilled programmers that are excited about joining your startup and will bring you closer to your goals.

Know The Type of Developer You Need

Many different types of developers from the same background specialize in specific areas, and you may not realize this if you have a little technical background. For instance, if you're building a mobile app, you can't hire Python developers since they don't have the range you'll need. So you must ensure that the job description reflects all you need in an ideal candidate. 

Will the position require long hours of solo coding or multi-skilled tasks like tech support, report documentation, and more? In addition, you may also need someone who has some knowledge of product design apart from coding. You have to be honest and set clear expectations for the role to ensure you have the right fit.  

Where To Find Developers For Your Startup

Software Houses

This involves outsourcing all software development needs to an external team. There are diverse advantages from leveraging this approach. First, you can access a global tech talent pool. Software houses usually focus on software development solely, and hence would focus on recruiting the best engineers from diverse countries. An example is YouDigital who is  an expert software house with global expert talents. If you aim to save costs and deliver your project at a satisfactory date, your best bet may be outsourcing to a software house.

Online Job Boards or Marketplaces

Job boards are an excellent option for hiring a Developer online. Here, Developers post their portfolio and resumés while they search for available job openings. You will also find developers with skills directly connected to your company.

Examples of these job boards include Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. You can post the job descriptions on these sites to find reliable developers for your startup. We recommend taking your time to vet candidates to find someone who will suit your company.

Recruitment Agencies

Many top tech companies work directly with recruitment firms to find the best talents. These agents understand the job market and will help you find candidates that suit your needs. It also helps to save time and remove the extra workload by taking care of the entire hiring process. 

However, there may be better options than this, especially if you're working on a budget. They are quite expensive and provide fewer options than other methods. While you'll find suitable candidates, they offer fewer options which limits your search in the long run. 

Freelancing Platforms

One strategy you can use to find reliable developers is through freelancing platforms. Many Startup owners use this method for short-term projects when there's no need for another in-house developer. For instance, if you need someone to check your product for bugs, you can hire a freelance QA tester

Freelance developers can help to offload significant work, and you may find many people willing to work for cheaper rates. On the flip side, you're unlikely to find a reliable and talented worker that will commit 100% to your project. Getting real talent is also challenging, and there's also the risk of exposing your Startup ideas to competitors. Examples of such freelancing websites include Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

Social Media

Research has shown that many recruiters are beginning to use social media platforms to hire employees. This means that the perfect developer may be on your timeline. It's not uncommon to find Facebook groups and Twitter spaces where people write posts about their niche. You can also post jobs on your profile and use hashtags to optimize your posts. 

Social media lets you reach developers directly and examine potential candidates through their interactions online. Unfortunately, you will need to spend a lot of time and energy finding a suitable developer since there are many candidates from which to choose. Depending on your needs, the hiring process might take a few weeks to over a month. 


Building a successful Startup company requires a lot of teamwork and resources to ensure proper execution. Finding an efficient developer committed to helping you push your project to the top level can take time and effort. Now that you've learned these strategies for finding reliable developers, you can create your plan for the hiring process. At YouDigital, we help startups build practical solutions for hiring reliable expert developers and ensure you always get the best talent.

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