Integration Of Salesforce With Payment System For A Non-profit Organization From New Zealand
"We were very satisfied with the solution that you:digital proposed to us. While we provided necessary inputs, you:digital engineers advised us on the most efficient way to achieve our goals. They also implemented the solution fast and without almost any bugs and issues. The communication was very clear, response rate very fast and the documentation we received was very detailed" - Managing Director, non-profit organization based in New Zealand.
Our client, a charity, needed to capture credit card details and recurring amounts from the donors on their website. The objective was to embed a component on their website so that customers could enter the details and they would be presented with the confirmation page if the credit card details were valid. Then they would receive an email thanking them for becoming a donor.

Key requirements included:
  • Easy instructions and setup process;

  • Unmanaged processes;

  • Can support multiple payment gateways in the future;

  • Can be a managed package;

  • Mass input current records - transfer process;

  • Capture credit cards;

  • Charge through Salesforce;

  • Charge through Salesforce;

  • Capture and store tokens;

  • Take Payment;

  • Manage Bounces;

  • Simplicity;

  • Retry credit cards;

  • Try to use native Identity and Security capabilities of Salesforce (Auth. providers and Named Credentials) instead of building OAuth 2.0 or anything else manually.

We knew that there were no decent payment tools that work with Salesforce. They don’t offer the control and simple setup that the client requires. It took us just over a week to build a custom and robust solution meeting their needs.

  • No easy way for a charity organizations to capture credit card details and recurring amount from the donors on their website.

  • Payments processed and matched with donors in a system manually.

  • Exposed payment capabilities for donors by embedding a component on their website;

  • Streamline and simplify work of charity as now they have full list of donors along with their donations and any payment gateway errors (e.g. bounces);

  • Introduced declarative automations that create a charge record each month to bill their monthly donation;

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