US-based Legal Company Increases Case Load With Service Cloud
"Thanks to you:digital’s work I increased my case load by 230% while hardly increasing my monthly expenses." - Managing Director, a Los Angeles based attorney.
The customer is an employee rights law firm serving California employees in claims relating to unfair employment practices. As the business grew they needed a better solution for processing of incoming cases from their clients. An excel and a dedicated employee were simply not enough any longer. After a long search they decided to purchase Salesforce and requested you:digital to help them adjust the system that works in a way they need it.

Among key reasons for choosing Salesforce were:
  • Easy to use - it was important for the customer to provide an intuitive system for both their clients and employees, who come from varying technical backgrounds;

  • Integrable - an integration with their existing law management software, Clio, was required and the robust and well-documented API of Salesforce provided for this seamless integration;

  • Mobile CRM - the customer strongly preferred a system that could be used on-site and in the courtroom to view, create and update client information

"Once all the parties involved know how they can benefit from the sales process and the right technology is on board, the adoption becomes a matter of making a decision and using proper tools to work with."

  • Lack of a system capable of providing powerful management of clients and prospects.

  • Timely and repetitive process to gather necessary documents and approvals from clients.

  • Faced communication barriers from strictly relying on emails and phone calls.

  • Inability to scale business to meet demands due to inefficiencies within current systems/processes.

  • Defined an efficient prospect-to-client path that replaced and streamlined existing processes;

  • Launched a mobile application to provide clients with access to case information 24/7;

  • Created a client-portal that enabled clients to upload and sign legal documents through a DocuSign-Salesforce integration;

  • Automated communication with clients using mobile app notifications, text, email, and Slack;

  • Lowered maintenance and support costs annually by 30%.

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