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Metrics to Test Whether Your Software Needs Modernization

Like every other technological product, your software is likely to get outdated. This often poses a challenge, as outdated software could result in unnecessary costs for your company's staff and the users. This is why it is essential for business owners to note that the process of software development does not end at merely building the software. Instead, it is a continuous process that requires constant checks and maintenance measures.

After building your software, there are some metrics that you can use to detect whether your software needs to be modernized. These metrics include:

  • User Experience

    If your software is user-based, user experience is one of the most important metrics to determine its current utility. Thus, your business needs to pay close attention to user feedback. Given that they're the end-users of the software, they can detect flaws such as slow response, frequent crashes, or security vulnerabilities. In cases where a sizeable number of users make these complaints, it is an indicator that your software needs to be modernized.

  • High Maintenance Costs

    As earlier stated, the process of software development often involves software maintenance as well. However, it becomes a warning sign when overly frequent maintenance sessions on the software have to be carried out. These maintenance attempts are often costly and can significantly affect the company's finances. When these maintenance-related costs get overwhelming, a software upgrade is needed.

  • Incompatibility with Current Systems

    Technology constantly evolves, and users equally evolve with it. This is why companies can rarely break even by offering outdated technological products. Look at it this way: would you prefer to use Windows Vista in 2022? Definitely not. It is simply not compatible with current technologies, and Microsoft stopped Windows Vista support as far back as 2017. When your company's software is not compatible with current technological deployments, it is a significant indicator that you should opt for an upgrade.

How to Go About Software Modernization

At this stage, if the metrics point out that your software needs to be modernized, you must kick-start the process swiftly. This is where you have to decide whether to utilize your in-house team or outsource. Many times, outsourcing saves you time and equally guarantees quality. However, your in-house team might lack the requisite skills to conduct a proper software modernization. Instead of incurring extra costs on employment, it would be more cost-effective to outsource the operations and get your project at the agreed date. With a software house like YouDigital, expert engineers fully work on upgrading your software to current standards.


The global market is becoming more competitive. This is why companies must pay closer attention to outlooks on their software. In addition, testing should regularly be conducted to prevent recurrent losses occasioned by outdated software.

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