Improved Subscription Renewal Rate with Salesforce and Reduced Salesforce TCO
"you:digital has significantly helped to improve Salesforce adoption at Cartegraph and to regain trust in the information that can be extracted from it. you:digital has highly skilled resources and thanks to direct contact and an efficient project management process we are able to turn around our requests quicker and at lower cost". - Salesforce Product Manager at a US-based software vendor.
Adoption of the system is a common challenge that many companies face after introduction of a new CRM system. There can be several reasons for this and it is often hard to point out a single reason being responsible for that. However there are proven methodologies that ensure a quick improvement.

you:digital introduced a regular communication between key system stakeholders which was badly missing. Prior to that requirements were submitted randomly and without prioritization and generally a bigger picture was missing.

We also ran a series of interviews and training sessions with users. They not only improved their skills but first of all to identify so called "power users". These people are internal and informal drivers of any system improvements that we discuss together and implement later.

Only then we could move to the stage at which we could look down at a company's processes and together with a client decide what needs to be changed, what stays and what is not at all in Salesforce but should be there.

Salesforce is a system that lives and evolves all the time. One cannot simply turn it on, do nothing and expect everything to be working perfectly. System changes and advancements happen quickly and often.

  • Inefficient configuration of Salesforce platform ultimately slowed down various processes.

  • Lack of skilled resources to develop APEX classes and Lightning Components to configure the existing system to meet the needs of operations.

  • Increasing TCO costs of Salesforce instance.

  • Low data quality and poor system adoption.

  • Optimized Salesforce instance which increased organization-wide productivity by an avg. of 15%;

  • Designed and implemented custom APEX classes and visualforce configurations to meet the requirements of Cartegraph’s existing processes;

  • A scalable and agile system that provided for the possibility of minor adjustments and a virtually predictable TCO;

  • Automated data entry improving integrity of data and decreasing the amount of data manually entered into CRM through integrations with other legacy systems.

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