Instance Revamp and Digitalization Of Contracting and Invoicing Processes

„you:digital has successfully re-implemented our Salesforce platform, increased its adoption and digitized processes that were missed by the previous system integrator. What I especially value in you:digital is their ability to translate business requirements into working technical solutions and being able to extract from the client their real needs and problems. They do not just do what they are being told to do" - Head of Business Development.

A Berlin-based mobile advertising company introduced Salesforce many years ago. The system was able to perform the basic function of a CRM but the limited scope of the first implementation led management to think that in fact it is nothing more than a nicely looking Excel.

Much of the data has to be added manually forcing sales people to waste much time on data entry tasks. The system was a silo and not connected to other important systems in the company. The integration with the advertising platform was especially missing. Sales people had to rely much on data being stored there and that forced them to switch between these two quite often. Eventually many users decided not to use Salesforce at all hence the adoption was extremely low.

Re-implementations are challenges that we truly love. We must understand company processes exactly like during a greenfield project. But we face existing configurations and setup that require re-engineering too.


  • Badly implemented Salesforce platform not meeting expectations of sales users and top management.

  • Too much manual data entry points and lack of advanced automations.

  • Isolated CRM system not linked to other key systems including advertiser management system.


The management regained the trust in the platform as the quality of the data has significantly increased. Integrations and advanced automations helped to achieve that goal. At the same time by reducing the amount of manual data entry we made business development representatives use the system again.

It was possible thanks to our deep understanding of companies needs as we:

  • Run technical audits and business interviews with key stakeholders to develop a detailed action plan in order to re-implement badly working solution;

  • Introduced accurate process of new requirements collection, analysis and setup;

  • Personalized email templates for repetitive communication types;

  • Implemented e-signature, invoicing modules and integration with advertising management system.

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